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Results-driven digital marketing.

A digital marketing partner you can trust.

Whether you’re investing in SEO, SEM, PPC (or all three) are you getting your money’s worth? Sure, you might have some traffic – but is it enough?  Here at Planet Media we partner with our clients to make sure they achieve the best growth possible. That means constant, expert attention to your campaign & regular reporting. No account bloat here – if you’re overspending, we’ll tell you. No hidden fees. No surprises. Just results.

Short + long term solutions for sustained growth.

With careful planning, a one-off investment can drive long term results. Get short term traffic with a display campaign, then drive long term growth with our SEO services. We’ll provide the video, graphic, or written content you need, then handle the distribution. Support offered for email, mobile/SMS & all local paid campaigns.

  • Strategic

    Digital marketing success is no accident. It takes data to succeed (and lots of it!) Every campaign we do is backed by in-depth market research & competitor analysis. This lets us make a customised strategy to reach your clients like never before.

  • Innovative

    New ideas excite us. We’re always willing to try something new, as long as there’s data to back it up! This openness has got our clients great results (and makes sure our strategies are always up-to-date too).

  • Transparent

    When you buy something, you want to know where your money’s going & what you’re getting out of it. We’re exactly the same. That’s why we make sure our clients are kept in the know with regular progress reports & meetings.

  • Profitable

    Smart investment makes money go further. We always carry out careful market research to make sure your money is invested in the right channels to get maximum returns.

  • Email Campaign Management

    Harness the power of email marketing to increase customer engagement & retention.

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