Tree HQ

The Smart Job Management Solution For Arborists, By Arborists.

Our Client

Tree HQ is an all-inclusive job management software that is specifically designed for the arborist industry. Owned and operated by Melbourne’s leading arborist company, Len McKeown Tree Services, Tree HQ has been in the market for more than 10 years as a web app and mobile solution for arborists and tree service businesses.


Their Challenge

In alignment with the software revamp, Tree HQ needed another new website to better pitch themselves to the market. The job management solution was designed for arborists and by arborists with a B2B monthly subscription model, with a large national audience of other business owners to reach out to.

Our Action

We closely worked with the Tree HQ team to understand more about the product itself and the target audience of other other tree businesses throughout Australia.

Throughout the project, we worked on multiple facets of the business including:

Website UI

We created a unique website that had a modern tech company approach with a professional and user friendly feel, balancing the Tree HQ branding with white clean spaces to encourage signups using simple call to actions and streamlined user flows. We also incorporated photography provided by the client showcasing a range of tree services in action. This also included an immersive video to draw in the audience as a feature on the homepage. We carefully balanced key design features like simple graphic icons and screenshots of the software application itself.

Digital Marketing

Once the website went live, we moved on to promote Tree HQ through paid marketing on Google Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn. With the campaign’s goal to ‘get more sign ups’, we created the various graphics involved within the campaign with the approval from the client.

Website UX

With the additional simple yet engaging UX features, overall the Tree HQ website positioned the company in the market as a professional, reliable and industry-specific solution to drive more leads and sales. We ensured that the back end development in WordPress was easy for administration staff to manage and update without the need for ongoing support.



Video Creation

We also helped create Tree HQs advertising video. From storyboarding to audio recording to the production of the video. We helped the client to create a short but effective video that captured the essence of Tree HQ, highlighting its benefits along with some stunning drone footage and graphical elements.

Our Results

After the updated website went live, Tree HQ had a steady increase in website traffic along with our digital marketing campaign that helped to attract a wider audience of potential clients . Don’t believe us? Check out their results…

  • +1.2K Users
  • +123% Website Users (month to month average growth rate)
  • +116% Website New Users (month to month average growth rate)
  • 170,259 Impressions on Google Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn (25/3/2022 – 18/5/2022)

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