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Our Client

A member of a larger multinational organisation, StorageTek is an Australian-owned, storage solution company. StorageTek operates a state of the art manufacturing facility established in China. Their range of StorageTek products prioritise functionality, durability and customisation in their designs, which offer storage solutions for tradespeople and various worksites. The extensive range of storage solutions available at StorageTek consists of industrial racking, shelving, cabinets, customisable storage cases, case frames and more.

Their Challenge 

The challenge for StorageTek was to get the word out about their brand. They needed another channel to tell potential customers about their quality products. The way to do this was by engaging their clients through social media and promoting products that don’t often generate high engagement with buyers. We planned to use social media to increase brand awareness.

Our Strategy 

  • We completed an audit that determined StorageTek’s exact position in the market
  • We then conducted market research to gain a complete understanding of the StorageTek’s competitors and their target audience
  • A social media content strategy was developed to plan and create the perfect, consistent content for StorageTek audiences
  • We used social media to build a branded gallery of StorageTek products across channels
  • Creative hashtag strategy including branded hashtags

Our Solution 

  • We posted one organic post per week to their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram accounts on their behalf
  • The posts were created by our designer who ensured that every post was consistent with their social media strategy and branding
  • Some curated content from the trade community was also shared to increase engagement
  • We frequently interact with customers and the community to optimise the benefits gained from social media usage


  • Average reach of 42.11 people per post
  • Average reach rate of 6.02% within the first two months
  • 50% increase in engagement from March to April

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