Our Client

Founders Joe & Gillian, wanted to rebrand their previous venture as they narrowed their focus to high-end pearl jewellery. They came to us with no name or branding for their new venture – just a vision for what they wanted.

Their Challenge

Nami Pearls’ challenge was to first, find an identity of its own, and then present it in a way that truly represents their vision. They also had to set up an online store that would effectively offer their wide variety of customised jewellery. This had to be reflected in other digital shopping channels like Instagram & Facebook.

Our Action

Since this had to be treated like a new brand, we first worked with the client to understand the ‘why’ of the business. The client then came up with the name Nami Pearls, Nami meaning ‘waves’ in Japanese. We then got to work to bring this project to life!

Throughout the project, we worked on multiple facets of the business including:


Since ‘Nami’ means waves we wanted to capture the essence of the waves and created a colour scheme to best depict that. We also worked closely with the founders, Joe & Gillian, to find the perfect font to represent the luxury feel of the brand. Additionally, we worked with them to create an entire brand guideline that could be incorporated into their packaging as well.

UI Design

After developing their branding, we carefully began creating Nami Pearls’ UI design giving Joe & Gillian an idea of the look and feel of their website. Making the best use of the brand colours, we developed a contemporary look for their website with a flexible, smooth feel to it as it best represented the ocean and waves.

UX Design

Our team of experts then developed an HTML mockup for our clients to experience the website for themselves and enhance the user-experience. After going through a few iterations of the mockup, we created the perfect balance of user touchpoints and optimised the user experience. To make the website more inviting and enhance the look and feel, we also created a video using the right imagery which was featured on the website as the main banner.

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