Our Client

Mitchell PC Repairs is a leading provider of computer repair services in Canberra. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Mitchell PC Repairs has provided the Canberra community with quick, reliable and quality services.

Their Challenge

Mitchell PC did not have much of a digital presence. They had a pretty basic website with a template design and did not emphasise on the Mitchell PC brand. Their challenge was to make their website more user friendly and update the design to showcase the brand. They also were not active on social media at all and did not make use of it to build an audience.

Increase In Website Traffic
Increase In Sessions
Increase In Page Views

Our Action

After working closely with the Mitchell PC team, we understood their requirements and worked on developing holistic solutions to upgrade the way customers interact with their brand.
Throughout the project, we worked on multiple facets of the business including:


Since our client had more than 1 company that we were working with, we developed their brand guidelines in a manner that would create a sense of unity. The colours red, black and white were chosen to represent them to give the brand a contemporary and bold look. We created logos for each of their brands to further create a unique fingerprint for them.

Website UI/UX

We worked with our clients to present their story and services in the best way possible by rewriting their content and making it more appealing to the audience. By including keywords and popular terms, we ensured that Mitchell PC ranked high in search results.

In order to upgrade the look from their old website, we incorporated a bold design with multiple call to action buttons. Additionally, we opted for a clean look, keeping the focus on what they do, since they do it so well. We then worked with the team at Mitchell PC to develop a new website for their other business, Axis Digital, and are currently working with them to develop a website for their 3rd company, Computer Parts, a shopify website selling software and hardware for a range of computers. All 3 brands have been presented in a cohesive manner yet they retain their individuality as separate businesses.

Social Media Content

Our team of experts developed a social media strategy for Mitchell PC & its sister company Axis Digital. We then got to work on developing creatives that best told the story of Mitchell PC. We alternated between having a post educating the audience about the services of Mitchell PC & building a sense of trust with employee stories, reviews, etc.

Our Results

Once the website went live, Mitchell PC Repairs had a steady increase in website traffic since December 2019. Don’t believe us? Check out their results…

  • Users: 7994
  • Returning Visitors: 1195 (13%)
  • Sessions: 10,663
  • Page Views: 20,068

Yearly Average:

  • 80% increase in website traffic
  • 69% increase in sessions
  • 39% increase in page views

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