Our Client

Local Liquor is a chain of 300 stores around Canberra & NSW that deliver quality service and a diverse range of products at competitive prices. Established in 2002, Local Liquor stores are continuously expanding its services while remaining an integral and active member of the community.

Their Challenge

Since advertising for alcohol is fairly restricted, Local Liquor’s main aim was to reach its target audience and convey their message without any hurdles. Another challenge was their use of local offers. With such a diverse range of products, we had to customize campaigns based on customer preferences.


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Our Action

Since Local Liquor is in such a competitive industry, we conducted a thorough research on the legalities around promoting liquor. We then tried to further understand the various audience segments and what novel ideas could be used to indulge customers on their social media channels.   

Throughout the project, we worked on multiple facets of the business including

Social Media Marketing

To entice the audience to get involved, Local Liquor would conduct multiple games which would then be promoted on their social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This would help increase customer engagement rate and gain customer information which was then used for further marketing.

Video Ads

To communicate with the audience in an interesting way, we created multiple videos that showcased Local Liquor’s diverse range of products. These video ads were typically created during major events like Australia Day, Father’s Day and Christmas, to improve the visibility of such ads.

Email Marketing

To segment the target audience based on their preferences, we first added a form to their website as a pop-up where the customers could fill in their details. Based on this, we then created different audience segments based on their preferred choice of liquor. Each fortnight, we sent out tailored EDMs to the customer based on their preferences. For example, a customer who prefers wine would receive an email showcasing the best deals on wine products. These emails were sent to over 5000 people with an above industry average open rate.

Our Results

Our digital media strategy for Local Liquor resulted in attracting a wider audience from potential clients. It also increased the level of engagement with the audience. Don’t believe us? Check out their results…

We achieved a CTR of 5.65%, above the industry average of 1.19%. We also, achieved a conversion rate of 23.48%, way higher than the industry average of 4.40%.

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