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Specialists in Australian Artwork

Our Client 

Odana Bloomfield is a gallery in Bungendore, NSW, that specialises Australian art. They have been hosting exhibitions and dealing with artworks for over 40 years. Their exquisite exhibitions have featured the work of many iconic Australian artists, of which a variety of remarkable artwork is available for order on their specialty website. Odana Bloomfield boasts an extensive collection of works backed by years of research and knowledge, making them leaders in their creative niche.

Their Challenge 

Odana Bloomfield’s previous site was difficult to navigate. Their customers regularly had difficulty browsing through their chosen artists’ artworks, impacting sales from the limitations. They needed a website that simplified navigation and made the purchasing journey easy for customers. A new website was needed with a fresh look to reflect their leadership in the art field and professionally represent their brand. They needed a clean and simple eCommerce solution.

Our Approach 

Client Relations

Considering the legacy of Odana Bloomfield, we took time to understand their business requirements of making more sales and the target audience of local art enthusiasts and serious collectors. We took time to understand this market of people who appreciate and collect artwork and consulted Odana Bloomfield at every stage to ensure their requirements were met. We worked with the client to make sure their detailed specifications were considered at each step of the website making process.

  • Understanding of target audience and business objectives 
  • Ongoing open communication via in-person meetings, email, and phone calls
  • Regular project management updates 
  • Project planning advice and technical support

Our Solutions

User Experience Design (UX)

We created a well-structured layout with specific product categorisation to form easy navigation and enhanced user experience. A mouseover highlighting feature was added on the navigation menu to improve audience engagement, keeping in mind the simplicity in the UI design as required by the client.

  • Well-structured layout
  • Easy menu navigation leads 
  • Highlighted buttons on mouseover
  • Detailed product categorisation
  • Minimal, expanding design FAQ page 
  • Purchase made easier: Number of steps reduced for one-click purchase
  • Attention to detail with content

User Interface Design (UI)

We kept to a minimal, light design to place emphasis on the range of art pieces available for purchase. The design of the website follows the branding of Odana Bloomfield and while meeting their specifications. This clean design aims to engage the audience with the artwork. We made sure that the design reflected Odana’s branding, accommodating different design elements to suit the client’s preferences and what sells well. 

  • Simple design with brand colours
  • White background to adequately showcase the artwork 
  • The design follows the brand language and specific client requirements 
  • Products presented in a simple yet structured approach

Product Management 

Odana Bloomfield sells hundreds of unique products, some one-off and others with multiple prints or versions. We created a proper structure to manage the products available, making sure to present them in a disciplined yet pleasing design. All available products were categorised and organised with an improved navigation structure, featuring ease of access to categories in the navigation header. We created an artist’s catalogue, where artists were arranged in order on the landing page with each of their works placed into sub-categories. 

  • Artist’s catalogue 
  • Exhibitions and limited edition products
  • Proper structure for product management
  • Artists arranged on a landing page
  • Product migration
  • Categorisation of products
  • Warehouse management consultation

Custom Shopify Theme Development 

For the ease of backend management, we developed a custom Shopify theme for Odana Bloomfield with a simple product layout. Not only are the products now easier to browse in the front end, the management for Odana’s staff has been simplified with this Shopify solution. 

  • Shopify platform custom theme development
  • Transition to a minimal layout theme
  • Content migration


Odana Bloomfield had detailed specifications of how they wanted their website to function. Our developers took on the challenge with Shopify as our backend solution, where we integrated various features to best fit the needs of our client as art dealers, and their clientele. For example, the customer login improves customers’ user experience, providing them with access to order status for peace of mind. 

  • Newsletter integration 
  • Payment gateway 
  • Customer login to access order status 
  • Shipping and delivery management


Once the website for Odana Bloomfield was approved, we conducted thorough testing across the site. To ensure everything was properly prepared for their customers, we tested the site across mobile and desktop devices.

  • Comprehensive website testing
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Testing across different devices

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We supported Odana Bloomfield once the website went live. This included website maintenance and security monitoring as well as basic SEO services.

  • Ongoing support
  • Website bug fixing
  • Cloud hosting
  • 24/7 security monitoring

Backend Training 

Once the website went live, we spent time training our client in backend administration for the website with extensive training documentation. The intensive training provided to Odana Bloomfield helped the admin team to manage their Shopify website in the backend without relying on us. 

  • An all-inclusive support training document 
  • Content management training
  • Customer management training
  • Order management training

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