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Local Art, Souvenirs & Gifts Made in Australia

Our Client 

Located at the iconic Australian National Botanic Gardens, the Botanical Bookshop contains beautiful products inspired by Australia’s diverse flora and fauna. Their extensive product range includes Australian boutique art, books on Australian nature, gardening supplies, unique souvenirs and more.

Their Challenge 

Botanical Bookshop’s extensive product range made it difficult for site visitors to find the products they were looking for. Their interesting and diverse stock was not getting enough sales due to poor user experience. The Botanical Bookshop needed a fresh website that was designed with their branding in mind, with a well-structured layout that would direct users to exactly what they are interested in.

Our Approach 

Client Relations

We ensured our full understanding of the Botanical Bookshop’s business requirements. We worked with them to improve inventory management by finding a solution that would suit the business best. We openly communicated with the stakeholders at every stage to ensure all requirements were met.

  • Understanding of target audience and business objectives 
  • Ongoing open communication via meetings, email, and phone calls
  • Regular project management updates 
  • Project planning advice and technical support

Our Solutions

User Experience Design (UX)

We significantly improved the user experience from Botanical Bookshop’s previous website by simplifying site navigation and refining the purchasing journey. Overall, it was more efficient with structured product categories as well as being more engaging with subtle effects.

  • Well-structured product categories to improve site navigation 
  • Effortless purchase journey, from the landing page through to the checkout page
  • Featured quick-jump topics on their homepage 
  • Featured product and new product tabs on their homepage

User Interface Design (UI)

We developed for the Botanical Bookshop a custom website with a design that corresponds with their unique branding. The combination of calm, earthy colours and the crisp design used to create a natural atmosphere set the right mood for the available products. 

  • Design that corresponds with branding
  • Simple, user-friendly layout with brand colours
  • Striking visual design that inspires customers to make a purchase
  • Features lots of white space with contrasting, muted eucalyptus-green accents

Product Management 

We held in-depth consultations with our client to find the best ways to manage their botanical products. We migrated the product catalogue and products to the new website and created updated product structures to improve site organisation. 

  • Product management consulting 
  • Migration of product catalogue and products 
  • Categorisation of products
  • Structuring of products 
  • Delivery management
  • Warehouse management consultation

Custom Magento Theme Integration 

We developed a custom Magento theme for Botanical Bookshop, which reflected their branding and accommodated all requirements. We migrated all the content from the previous website to the new one, which features a simple layout made for excellent user-experience.

  • Magento platform development
  • Simple theme layout 
  • Content migration
  • Responsive interface design


Many integrations were incorporated into Botanical Bookshop’s website to improve their selling processes. We created automated shipping systems, integrated supply and inventory management systems, as well as payment gateways.

  • Automated shipping, packing and tracking processes
  • Measurement and weight planning assistance for shipping
  • Delivery management 
  • Payment gateway
  • Supply and inventory management
  • Customer login to access order status and wishlist


Once the full eCommerce website design and development was approved, we tested everything to assure a seamless and sales-ready experience. 

  • Comprehensive website testing
  • Mobile optimisation testing across different devices

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We believe in supporting our clients. After the Botanical Bookshop went live, we gave them a hand with 2 months of ongoing support for their new website.

  • 2 months of ongoing support
  • Website maintenance
  • Website bug fixing
  • Cloud hosting
  • 24/7 security monitoring

Backend Training 

Training is a part of what we do. We gave admin staff at the Botanical Bookshop blackened training for their new website, meaning they can take care of managing the nuts and bolts of the website on their own.

  • An all-inclusive support training document 
  • Content management training
  • Customer management training
  • Order management training

Digital Marketing for eCommerce

We provided the Botanical Bookshop with ongoing digital marketing services to give their new website a boost in the market. 

  • Ongoing SEO management 
  • Digital marketing services
  • Website maintenance and support

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