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Our Client

Australian Choice is a premium retailer of quality Australian-made gifts and souvenirs. Their range showcases the best of clothing, timber, jewellery, homeware and other quality products, all proudly made in Australia. Available in-store and online, they also have a range of products celebrating Aboriginal and Indigenous culture as well as a variety of local Australian artists’ works. 

Their Challenge 

Australian Choice’s customers were overwhelmed by their existing website, which was challenging to navigate and had a cluttered structure. The user experience of the website was not up to par with Australian Choice’s standards for providing their customers with the best Australian-made products and souvenirs. They decided to work closely with us to execute a fresh approach to their website that increased customer engagement and conversions.

Our Approach 

Client Relations

We ensured our full understanding of their business requirements and management styles of inventory to create a solution that would suit the business best. We consulted them at every stage to ensure every requirement was met, plus with a positive partnership.

  • Understanding of target audience and business objectives 
  • Ongoing open communication via meetings, email, and phone calls
  • Regular project management updates 
  • Project planning advice and technical support

Our Solutions

User Experience Design (UX)

We created a new website for Australian Choice that eliminated the user experience limitations faced in the previous website. We prioritised the convenience of the audience’s purchasing journey in the user experience design. This meant intuitive navigation with subtle but engaging flairs in user experience effects.

  • Responsive interface with clean design
  • Sophisticated mouse-over effects
  • Streamlined navigation process
  • Simplified menus that provide easier navigation to relevant products and categories
  • Multi-variant product integration creating the ability to explore various size and colour options

User Interface Design (UI)

We created a custom website that features a fresh design with a minimal layout, designed for selling. Calm and earthy-toned visuals used throughout the website creates a sense of both tranquillity and quality, helping to strengthen the branding of Australian Choice. 

  • Bespoke website design created from scratch 
  • Minimal design and layout with a fresh look 
  • Simple graphic elements create a sense of quality

Product Management 

We created a proper structure to manage the products available at the Australian Choice website and presented them in an appealing manner to the audience. All available products were categorised and organised in an improved format with a more simplified and user-friendly navigation panel. 

  • Proper structure for product management
  • Streamlined navigation with prominent categories
  • Migration of product catalogue and products 
  • Categorisation of products
  • Structuring of products 
  • Warehouse management consultation

Custom Shopify Integration 

We consulted the client who was seeking recommendations for eCommerce platforms and suggested Shopify to work best for their requirements. We created a custom theme design that aligned with the branding of Australia’s choice and the preferences of their audience. 

  • Custom Shopify integration 
  • Support for high volume inventory 
  • System migration 
  • Integration of previous data into a new inventory management system
  • Transfer of data into the new website


We worked closely with Australian Choice to streamline their sales processes through numerous integrations. Automated shipping processes were integrated to make the order processing easy for the client. Third-party payment gateway options that were integrated with the new website provides customers with various payment options for maximum convenience. The click and collect function further adds to customer convenience, increasing purchase incentive.

  • Automated shipping, packing and tracking processes
  • Payment gateway
  • Click and collect 
  • Retail Express integration
  • Supply and inventory management
  • Customer login to access order status and wishlist 
  • Measurement and weight planning assistance for shipping
  • Delivery management 
  • Stock monitoring and management system


Once the website was approved, we conducted thorough testing across the site as we do for all our projects. We carefully tested all aspects of the site to make sure everything was running smoothly, ready for sales.

  • Comprehensive website testing
  • Mobile optimisation testing across different devices

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

We always offer our clients support once their website goes live. Australian Choice received two months of support and website maintenance after the project was completed.

  • Two months of support
  • Website bug fixing
  • Website maintenance
  • Cloud hosting
  • 24/7 security monitoring

Backend Training 

Along with maintenance and support, we trained the administration staff working at Australian Choice for using the backend of their website. They now know how to use their website to take care of the day to day management autonomously. 

  • An all-inclusive support training document 
  • Content management training
  • Customer management training
  • Order management training

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