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Our Client 

Extremely knowledgeable in their products, ACT Foam & Rubber is a locally owned business in Canberra selling competitively priced foam, rubber and upholstery supplies. This specialist store supplies to the trade industry and retail sellers in Canberra and surrounding regions.

Their Challenge

Our client at ACT Foam & Rubber was looking for a complete makeover of their website. They wanted to establish a clear brand identity using a tailored theme design, and a more efficient inventory and shipping management system for their variety of product categories.

Our Approach 

Client Relations

We worked with ACT Foam & Rubber to understand every requirement like the workflow of their business, their market, and their marketing goals. We researched their target audience of trade and retail business owners and employees so that we could adequately tailor our eCommerce solution with the needs of the organisation. 

  • Understanding of target audience and business objectives 
  • Ongoing open communication via in-person meetings, email, and phone calls
  • Regular project management updates 
  • Project planning advice and technical support

Our Solutions

User Experience Design (UX)

ACT Foam & Rubber needed an effective website to browse through their variety of products. We ensured that the user experience of the new website was much easier to navigate and engaging for users to browse. It was designed to help the audience feel at ease when browsing with simplified categorisation to find the products they are looking for quickly. 

  • User-friendly site navigation 
  • Detailed product navigation panel 
  • Well-structured site layout and content 
  • Zoom-in function on product images upon mouse-over 
  • Easy to read content structure with simple fonts 
  • Auto-scrolling function to showcase related products to what the user is viewing

User Interface Design (UI)

We created an updated website design that is appealing to the target audience and provides the professional look that meets the standards of the brand. Their unique branding and a happy mood are conveyed through the website while maintaining professionalism. 

  • Simple but modern user interface
  • Clear communication of their unique, revitalised brand identity
  • Bright, unique yellow coloured theme communicates a happy mood
  • Professional design with industrial appeal

Product Management 

We worked with our client to effectively categorise and re-structure all products available for purchase at ACT Foam & Rubber. Our product management services improved user experience for both admin staff and customers. Buyers can now easily find the products they need, without wasting time. 

  • Product consulting 
  • Product management
  • Product categorisation
  • Structuring of products
  • Product migration

Custom Shopify Theme Development

We developed a custom Shopify theme for ACT Foam & Rubber to be their full eCommerce solution. With an engaging layout that reflects their brand identity, their website captures the target audience’s attention and gets them purchasing. 

  • Shopify platform development
  • Engaging theme layout 
  • Content migration


Our eCommerce solution for ACT Foam & Rubber included integrations to simplify the buyer purchasing journey. This included tailored features such as customer login portals and multiple payment gateways to improve user experience. We used inventory management and delivery management to streamline order processing and stock monitoring processes. 

  • Customer login portal 
  • Delivery management
  • Payment gateway integration
  • Supply and inventory management
  • eBay integration
  • Direct call button integration


With a fully approved eCommerce website, we tested all aspects to ensure everything was working correctly and smoothly so that the site was sales-ready. 

  • Comprehensive website testing
  • Mobile optimisation testing across different devices

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Once the website went live, we supported ACT Foam & Rubber with ongoing maintenance and support to give their new website the best start. 

  • Two months of support
  • Website bug fixing
  • Website maintenance
  • Cloud hosting
  • 24/7 security monitoring

Backend Training 

So that our client’s staff members could handle the daily website management on their own, we trained them in how to use the back end. This included a full document for how to use Shopify, tailored to their business.

  • All-inclusive support training document 
  • Content management training
  • Customer management training
  • Order management training

Our Results 

Since going live with their revamped website, ACT Foam & Rubber has grown significantly. Now with an online presence that is streamlined for front ends and back end users, our client has seen efficiency in workflow and more sales. Their website now effectively presents their expertise in foam and rubber products, gaining them the following results:

  • 759% Increase in Online Sales within 3 months
  • 452% Increase in Average Order Value
  • 48.2% Increase in Online Store Sessions
  • 28.5% Decrease in Website Bounce Rate

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