D&N Geotechnical

Specialist Geotechnical Consultancy

Our Client

D&N Geotechnical, founded in 2017 by Dan Butterworth committed to providing cost-effective solutions for their clients. D&N Geotechnical strives for technical excellence by utilising a sustainable design that is deeply rooted in their curiosity, exploration and passion for creative science.

Their Challenge

D&N Geotechnical had an outdated website first developed when the organisation started. Their old website was fairly basic and lacked a professional feel, with not a lot of points of contact for customers. Since D&N had grown as a business since 2017, they needed a website that best represented what their organisation had become.

Our Action

After conducting an in-depth study of companies within this area, we then worked closely with Dan to better understand his requirements and the needs of his clients to move forward.

Throughout the project, we worked on multiple facets of the business including:

UI Design

Our team of experts worked on creating a design for the client that included more elements of their brand colours. We also structured the homepage, providing a natural flow to the page. This was then presented to Dan as we worked with him to optimise the various design components.

UX Design

We then developed an HTML mockup to provide the client with the opportunity to better envision the user-experience. For Dan, it was important that the customers would be able to see the services clearly and that their featured projects be segregated based on various filters. And we delivered just that!

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

To ensure that we were with Dan throughout and after the completion of the project, we implemented basic SEO and redirected URLs from the previous site to their new one. Additionally, we also continued providing ongoing monitoring, maintenance and bug fixing.

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