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Our Client 

Ugly Fish Optics is an affordable and stylish Australian eyewear label specialising in quality prescription and optical glasses. They provide a range of eyewear solutions with glasses and sunglasses suitable for everyone including babies, adolescents and adults. Their fashionable styles that focus on comfort and function will have pleased you from the moment you put them on.

Opportunities for Growth

Ugly Fish Eyewear focused on sunglasses, but they saw another potential avenue to grow their business. Ugly Fish wanted to create this new brand extension that specialises in optical and prescription glasses. They also aimed to appeal to the target audience of businesses and resellers, rather than just consumers. So, the satellite brand of ‘Uglyfish Optics’ was born, and we worked with the team at Ugly Fish to create it.

Our Solution 


  • We created the full branding for Uglyfish Optics from scratch, setting it apart from Uglyfish Eyewear but still in the family
  • The brand strategy detailed the best ways to use communications to attract the specific target audience effectively 
  • A new website was created which expressed the new branding accurately and appealed to their new target audience

Search Engine Optimisation 

  • Detailed SEO strategies increased the amount of traffic and website users
  • Extensive keyword planning for search rankings
  • A backlink audit and on-page optimisation were some components used to improv SEO
Growth in Total Website Users
Increase in Organic Website Traffic
Increase in Keywords Indexed

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