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Eyewear For Active People With Attitude

Our Client 

Proudly Australian, Ugly Fish Eyewear is an innovative eyewear label that sells a range of stylish, high-quality glasses ranging from optical to safety to sun protection. This unique brand even specialises in motorbike glasses and special sunglasses ranges for kids, teens, and adults. Since 2003, their quality sunglasses featuring unique designs have provided maximum protection in harsh conditions for active people.

Opportunities for Growth

Ugly Fish Eyewear was facing multiple challenges with their website before they came to us. This included having trouble bringing traffic to their website, with difficulty converting the little traffic that they did get. They needed help maintaining and marketing their website, so we stepped in and suggested several solutions to solve these issues.

Growth in Total Website Users
Increase in Organic Website Traffic
Growth in Website Revenue
Increase in Keywords Indexed

Our Solution 

Website Optimisation 

  • Our first priority was solving the extensive issues the client was facing with their website by fixing bugs and broken links from previous developers
  • We take care of 24/7 site and security monitoring to ensure the best functionality for sales
  • We moved the website from shared hosting to one of our powerful Google Cloud server spaces
  • We added shop feed management to improve campaign results through optimised product feeds and gain visibility in other channels

Paid Advertising 

  • Budgeting issues with paid campaigns were resolved to increase campaign effectiveness 
  • The paid advertising speed and lodging time were optimised for better results
  • Traffic and conversion rates were raised using ongoing pay-per-click and display ads.

Search Engine Optimisation

  • We used comprehensive SEO strategies to further increase traffic
  • Optimised pages, products, and content for search
  • Improved rankings with thorough keyword planning

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