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Our Client 

Based in Griffith, NSW and Canberra, ACT, Nxt IT Solutions is a B2B information technology company providing a range of professional IT solutions for business. Nxt IT Solutions is dedicated to helping clients optimise technology to stay on top of business operations. Their services include IT management, consulting, cloud solutions, document printing, and more. They specialise in IT solutions that protect businesses and make processes more efficient, offering a range of software and hardware technologies.

Opportunities for Growth

Nxt IT Solutions started out with a basic, template website. Their website had limited capabilities, and the content did not portray what the company had to offer. This had a severe negative impact on their business in its early days as customers did not know where to find information. They wanted us to create a well-optimised website that showed off their expertise in their field, overall aiming to reach their target audience successfully.

Increase in Website Conversions
Increase in Organic Website Traffic
Increase in Keywords Indexed
Growth in Total Website Users

Our Solution

Website Optimisation 

  • We created an optimised website for Nxt IT Solutions to provide their audience with the information they needed to know about Nxt IT’s services
  • We properly structured content and navigation to aid customers in the decision-making stage of their journey

Search Engine Optimisation

  • We used local SEO to target audiences in Canberra and NSW which increased organic traffic by 2.5 times
  • Advance keyword planning was conducted to improve rankings

Paid Advertising

  • We used various different PPC and display advertising campaigns to drive traffic and reach their target audience
  • We created retargeting ads potential customers at various phases in their purchasing journey
  • This included intensive retargeting strategies were used until leads were ready to convert

Social Media Management

  • We launched their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram accounts and optimised their pages with custom graphics
  • We create and distribute ongoing weekly social media posts to increase brand awareness and sentiment
  • Regular organic posting to raise brand awareness
  • Conduct social listening and audience engagement to demonstrate active engagement and business activity
  • Showcase the company’s service capabilities engaging, targeted content

Social Media Advertising

  • We use a number of different social platforms for display ads including Instagram and Facebook
  • Custom designed display ad creatives
  • Create engaging ad copy
  • We create monthly social media reports to evaluate our social media efforts

The Results 

  • 462% Increase in Website Conversions
  • 256.5% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 633.3% Increase in Keywords Indexed
  • 395.3% Growth in Total Website Users

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