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Food to Fuel Every Lifestyle

Our Client 

Gym Meals Direct or GMD Canberra delivers high quality, freshly cooked nutritious meals to people in the Canberra and Queanbeyan region. Packed with protein for active people, customers can choose from GMD’s delicious menu or create customised meal plans tailored to individual diet and lifestyle requirements. Pre-portioned and delivered to your door, these meals are not only healthy but offer a convenient solution for hungry, busy people.

Opportunities for Growth

Originally a local Canberra startup, Gym Meals Direct was having trouble reaching their target audience. They had low traffic on their website, and the traffic that they were getting was not being successfully converted. They were not getting the sales that their quality menu and convenient service deserved. Their challenge was to target the right audience to increase relevant traffic and improve the overall conversion rate of that traffic.

Our Solution


We improved Gym Meals’ branding and sharpened communication tactics to appeal to their target audience of health-conscious, active people who are too busy to cook healthy meals for themselves

Growth in Total Website Users
Increase in Organic Website Traffic
Increase in Keywords Indexed

Paid Advertising

  • We also made use of highly targeted pay-per-click and display ads to generate an increased number of leads
  • To compliment our PPC ads, we used retargeting strategies to capture interested customers who did not convert the first time

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Our eCommerce SEO strategies increased visibility and organic traffic
  • We used advanced page optimisation techniques and keyword targeting
  • Ensured user experience improvements on various devices, with a focus on mobile optimisation

The Results 

  • 89.16% Growth in Total Website Users
  • 222.9% Increase in Organic Traffic
  • 1671.1% Increase in Keywords Indexed

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