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The Leading Graduate Public Policy School in Asia & the Pacific

Our Client

The Crawford School of Public Policy is the leading graduate public policy school in Asia and the Pacific, homed at the Australian National University in Canberra. Using research and policy engagement, staff and students are involved in shaping better policies for the future. Many students who study with the ANU Crawford School have the opportunity to receive fully funded or partially funded scholarships.

Opportunities for Growth

Our client wanted to target their specific audience accurately on an international scale. The main goal was to attract a high number of potential students from all over the world and increase the attendance rates of their events. They also wanted to engage students living in remote areas to help them access scholarship opportunities. We stepped in to promote the Crawford School’s capabilities in areas beyond Canberra.

Our Solution

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Intensive SEO strategies were used to increase traffic to the website
  • Delivered the targeted information to a variety of audiences of potential students
  • Strategic international SEO strategies generated relevant traffic from across the world

Paid Campaigns

  • Search marketing campaigns increased relevant leads
  • Campaigns for cybersecurity courses were implemented to attract the right target audience that was interested in studying the topic
  • Awareness of events and scholarship opportunities was also raised using paid campaigns
  • Social media campaigns were particularly useful in reaching the right target audiences of potential students
    Pay-per-click campaigns brought a high number of new traffic to relevant websites and information sources.

Display Advertising & Social Media Advertising

  • Various forms of display ads were used over a range of platforms to increase the audience’s interest in studying at the Crawford School
  • Display advert creation and graphic design
  • Video ads campaigns launched on YouTube effectively generated many leads
  • We carefully collated and implemented the brand guidelines across all designs
  • Video ad creation

Our Results

  • Total of 3.67K Clicks with a CTR of 3.72% for Search Campaigns Run in 23 Countries
  • 1.24M Impressions with 9.51KClicks for Display Campaigns


  • Total of 3.67K Clicks with a CTR of 3.72% for Search Campaigns Run in 23 Countries
  • 1.24M Impressions with 9.51K clicks for Display Campaigns

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