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Our Client

Vangeli is Canberra’s largest jewellery manufacturer. This family business creates the best high-end, customised jewellery in Canberra. Trained by world-class jewellery masters, their staff are highly skilled industry specialists with experience in valuing and crafting jewellery. Vangeli can fix your cherished jewellery or create new custom, handmade designs that are of the highest quality. The expert team at Vangeli also helps their clients to make well-informed purchases when it comes to quality jewellery.

Their Challenge

Vangeli’s original website was severely out-of-date with a great need for a refreshed design. The website did not show off their expertise as market leaders in Canberra. The website was dark and unappealing, with an unintuitive site structure for their potential customers to browse through. The team at Vangeli also had plans to move their sales into the online space. With the intention of selling their jewellery online in the future, Vangeli needed an eCommerce solution to be integrated into the website.

Client Relations

We worked closely with the client to understand their requirements closely. We used a comprehensive requirement gathering document to capture the functional requirements and aesthetics for the new site. Throughout the project we openly communicated with the client, offering regular project management updates. The new site design was centred around the client’s concerns and style preferences, while also based on their audience and business objectives.

  • Branding and design requirement gathering
  • Ongoing project management and updates
  • Stakeholder communication

Branding and Website Design

We created an elegant website that represents Vangeli’s world-class jewellery. The modern design is effective in communicating the high-end nature of the branding. The map showing the address of the store in the ‘Contact us’ section is in a black colour to help it stand out against the bright background and maintain the elegant theme of the website. We designed the informative ‘A Guide to Buying Diamonds’ page to be extremely engaging. The testimonial page provides clear testimonials from their clients in a slideshow format, as well as featuring letters and photos from them.

  • Updated logo to look more fresh
  • Informed content flow
  • Restructured navigation
  • Crisp, white background
  • Balanced images and content
  • Brand elements used such as diamonds
  • Customised diamond buying page design

Website UI and UX Design Features

We created a well-structured, user-friendly website, balanced with the ideal mix between images, content and white space. For the intention of expanding to eCommerce sales, we developed the design and integrated it to Shopify. Although customers cannot currently make purchases online, they are prepared to start selling online in the future when they are ready. We created small details to add an impactful touch to the design, such as the little diamonds that appear on the navigation panel when users hover over them.

  • Shopify theme development
  • Highlighting of calls to action and contact form
  • Watermarked images in the gallery
  • Fresh and clean look and feel
  • Scrolling and zooming images functionality

Project Handover

Once the website went live, we supported Vangeli with maintenance and 24/7 monitoring of the website. We provided the client with training for website management to help them easily add new content to the website in the future.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

During the support period, we provided ongoing monitoring, maintenance and bug fixing. We implemented basic SEO and redirected URLs from the previous site to their new one.

  • Basic SEO
  • Submitting the website to all search engine webmasters
  • On-page and off-page optimisation
  • Redirecting URLs from the old websites to the new website
  • Domain management
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Google Cloud hosting
  • SSL certificate

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