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Our Client

A member of a larger multinational organisation, StorageTek is an Australian-owned, storage solution company. StorageTek operates a state of the art manufacturing facility established in China. Their range of StorageTek products prioritises functionality, durability and customisation in their designs, which offer storage solutions for tradespeople and various worksites. The extensive range of storage solutions available at StorageTek consists of industrial racking, shelving, cabinets, customisable storage cases, case frames and more.

Their Challenge 

StorageTek’s original website was just a basic website created from a template. Not only was the website layout not ideal, but it included irrelevant, generic content such as images of books and home storage. This previous website incorporated minimal branding elements and did not look cohesive overall. StorageTek needed help to make them appeal to their audience and stand out as an international company.

Our Approach

Client Relations

  • We worked closely with our clients from StorageTek, progressively making alterations to the design until they were 100% happy with the result 
  • We used a requirement gathering document to fully capture their needs for their new website
  • We took time to carefully understand their audience and brand repositioning, and related style preferences for a more professional look
  • We openly communicated with various stakeholders throughout the project, including regular project management updates through phone and email

Website Features


  • We created a cohesive branding strategy for StorageTek
  • The new branding was more professional to suit the international company and reflected the quality of StorageTek products.

Website Design

  • A new tailored website was created for the client, that aligned with the new branding.
  • The website design was successful in showcasing products to the audience through a well-designed digital catalogue
  • Products on the online catalogue are designed to be highlighted through a red outline and background shadow when the audience hovers over them. Using red in that minimal way to highlight avoided the harshness that can often be associated with the colour red, and allowed the product to stand out
  • A large amount of white space was also used on the website to balance out the amount of red used

Website Features

  • Although the client was not ready to start selling products through their website, they had a plan to integrate eCommerce options in the future
  • We proposed the solution of integrating Shopify in the back-end to make the possibility of future eCommerce integration much easier
  • Another benefit of this feature is that it allows customers to browse through the products in the digital catalogue when considering a purchase, although they would not be able to purchase them through the website

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