Network One – Development

Canberra's Leading Business Networking Group

Our Client 

Network One is a fast-growing networking group for business owners in Canberra. Network One allows business owners to form connections with other businesses, over weekly breakfast meetings. They provide valuable information for businesses. They serve as a platform where various local businesses can support one another and help each other grow.

Their Challenge

In their early days, Network One did not have a website at all. As a major networking group in Canberra, having a website was absolutely critical. The main challenge was to get new business owners to join Network One as members. We helped them do that with a quality website that services both members and prospective leads.

Our Approach

Website UI and UX Design Features

  • We created a customised website for Network One with a focus on functionality for members
  • We created a local directory with a list of businesses who are a part of Network One. The directory is divided by industry category, to help the audience navigate through to business owners that would interest them most

Website UI and UX Design Features

  • The directory was designed to drive traffic to the business’ websites
  • We implemented expert UI and UX design to deliver a smooth user experience
  • The website has a ‘schedule’ section that lists all upcoming events, as well as an events section that shows programs in a calendar form.
  • The website was successful in promoting the events and network meeting presentations to generate interest
  • A booking feature for events was also integrated into the website

Branding and Website Design

  • We helped the client strengthen their branding by using brand colours and professional fonts throughout the site
  • The website and all other brand communications now have a consistent design that conveys their branding, featuring a bright, recognisable orange
  • We designed the content structure to be user friendly, and so that information on meetings and businesses were more easily accessible to the public

Content Marketing

  • We developed a weekly email newsletter for Network One members, to inform them about weekly events and speakers and share tips to help them grow their business
  • The newsletters feature gifs that present each of the weekly presenters to the audience in an engaging way
  • We created and published several blogs with helpful information for business owners to increase awareness, gain new members, increase audience engagement and build SEO authority

Members Portal

We created a members portal for the members of Network One. Members are able to update information on their profiles, and have their businesses displayed by category.

  • Members portal login
  • Editable members profiles
  • List businesses by categories


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