Len McKeown Tree Services – Development

Professional Urban Tree Services By Qualified Arborists

Our Client

Len McKeown Tree Services is a family owned and operated business that specialises in arborist and tree maintenance services. They have been operating in Melbourne for over 25 years with a team consisting of qualified arborists and tree care professionals. Passionate about customer service and providing quality advice or tree removal, the team at Len McKeown Tree Services are trusted by their customers to take care of any tree or stump removals and more.

Their Challenge

Len McKeown’s previous website was built from a standard template, with low-quality stock images and many unnecessary links. The website had a lot of content, but it lacked engagement in its design. The forest green background colour did not properly convey the company’s branding of navy and fluorescent green, either. The website had a lot of SEO work put into this with extensive keyword planning and specifically built landing pages, so the content needed to be migrated over to the new site carefully.

Client Relations

We worked remotely with the administration team at Len McKeown tree services to ensure that we understood their vision and requirements for the new website. We worked with stakeholders to understand their style preferences for the site design and create a website that was properly tailored to suit their pages of content. Through phone and email communication plus meetings via Zoom, we sought approval at each step of the process.

  • Understood website design requirements
  • Requirement gathering document
  • Understand their business goals and target audience
  • Project coordination with stakeholders to gather style preferences
  • Continuous improvements were made according to client requests until they were completely satisfied
  • Open communication with stakeholders
  • Regular project management updates

Our Solution


The first thing we did was requirement gathering using a comprehensive document. We collected the design preferences and requirements of the project, including branding. We improved the design by implementing the true logo colours into a cohesive website.

  • Transition from a green background in the previous website to a navy and white background
  • Implementation of brand colours; navy blue and lime green, throughout the website
  • Incorporation of brand elements into the website
  • Use of photography of natural landscapes strengthens Len McKeown’s branding

UI Design

As a leader in the arborist field, Len McKeown and his team needed a website that showcased their professional expertise. Raising the bar from ‘cut-price’ or run-of-the-mill services, the website design needed to convey the company’s professionalism and quality services. We did that by balancing the content, images, and branding throughout the site with a professional and clean design. We migrated the content from their old site and redesigned everything for each page.

  • Content migration from the old site
  • Crisp and clean design to give a professional look and feel
  • Balanced images provided by the client with content
  • Used high-quality images provided by the client
  • Prominent calls to action
  • Focus on imagery and potential for video content

UX Design

To increase engagement in the site, moving visual elements were a high priority for our clients. We worked with the team at Len McKeown to integrate a stunning drone video of Len’s team at work. We highlighted the visual aspect of their website with complementary integrations like video galleries and sleek mouse over effects.

  • Implemented intuitive navigation structure
  • Mega menu design for ease of navigation
  • Image scrolling parallax feature to increase engagement
  • Moving image gallery in the homepage
  • Design highlighting services and service areas
  • Social media integration
  • Video gallery integration
  • Customisable contact form
  • Proper blog integration

Project Handover

Similar to all our clients, we provided 2 months of ongoing support to Len McKeown’s new website after going live.  This included 24/7 monitoring and bug fixing. The project handover also included backend training for staff to manage changes in the website easily on their own.

  • 2 months of ongoing support
  • Website backend training
  • Training documentation
  • SEO migration

Ongoing Support

As well as supporting Len McKeown’s website for 2 months, we also continued to work with them for basic SEO and transitioning work from the previous website through to the new one.

  • Basic SEO
  • Meta title and meta description migration
  • On-page and off-page optimisation
  • Redirecting URLs from the old websites to the new website
  • 24/7 website monitoring

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