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Our Client 

Foxton Financial is a vibrant accounting firm specialising in taxation and SMSF. Based in Canberra but serving a range of SMB clients nationally, their flexibility and innovative approach have led to their firm being commended by the Institute of Public Accountants. Their award-winning work is not only limited to tax and accounting, as they offer a range of financial services to support their satisfied and diverse client base.

Their Challenge 

The team at Foxton Financial wanted a fresh new look for their new website that incorporated their quirky and colourful approach to finance. They were never satisfied with their existing template website, where the muted colours used did not truly capture the audience’s attention or portray their personality as desired. Foxton Financial didn’t want to be just like every other firm. No stock photos, no boring corporate jargon. They needed a branding overhaul, and a bespoke website with something bright and unique while being professional at the same time.

Our Approach 

Client Relations 

Working closely with the team at Foxton Financial, we discussed their requirements in detail through video conferencing calls. With our client’s specifically bright design style in mind, we discussed ways to manage functionalities and also increase engagement with the new website. This process also meant gathering requirements to work on full rebranding for Foxton Financial’s company look and feel.

  • Requirement gathering document
  • Style & design preference gathering
  • Understanding of company goals and guidelines
  • Open communication with stakeholders
  • Regular project management updates
  • Ongoing revisions until an outcome was approved

Our Solution 


As the first step to their visual transformation, we engaged in a brand exercise to explore the branding styles that Foxton identified with. We were given the brief of creating a site that uses bright colours. The new site and branding needed to comprise of a more clean and modern approach while being a bit quirky. We explored different options and preferences, and the final result was a revamped version of the existing logo with updated colours, text, and different iterations for uses in print and online.

  • Full branding exercise
  • Logo requirement gathering
  • Inclusion of bright colours
  • Professional but quirky look and feel to the branding
  • Fox head logo redesign
  • Branding element creation
  • Colour consulting
  • Brand book design & development

Website Features

UI Design 

Foxton Financial needed a website that demonstrated their expertise and services while showing off their unique personality. We created a UI design for Foxton Financial that effectively communicated their quirky but capable brand to their audience of individuals and SME businesses. Their new website is well balanced with the ideal combination of white space, text and images to engage site users while keeping that vibrancy of the on-brand purple colour.

  • Modern website design with bright branding
  • Bold colour combinations used to highlight Foxton Financial’s unique personality
  • Consistent graphic elements used throughout the site, in line with Foxton’s new branding
  • Bold icons used as well as circle design element created for bullet point points
  • Engaging graphic imagery used throughout the website to strengthen their branding
  • Content structured into small, easily consumable chunks to improve audience engagement
  • The strategic use of white space makes the content even more engaging balanced by the brand’s purple
  • An “Earmark” was created as a branding element as well as “sprinkles” to convey a celebratory tone

UX Design and Integrations 

We recreated a number of UI designs until our client was 100% happy. We helped our client to restructure their website functionally and give the content the right brand personality. Once the website design was approved, we created an HTML mockup for the Foxton Financial website. We optimised the user experience with engaging elements such as parallax features on images and social media feeds, as well as subtle mouse over effects. Our design successfully gives a clean and easy to navigate website that showcases Foxton’s expertise and uniqueness.

  • Content and navigation were restructured into a logical, user-friendly flow
  • Parallax feature used to make images more engaging with on various pages of the website
  • Animated menu icon upon mouseover
  • Animated element used to highlight buttons on the navigation panel upon mouse-over
  • Blog integration page
  • Email subscription integration
  • Social media feed integration

Project Handover

Once the website went live, we gave Foxton Financial website support for 2 months. Project handover also included backend training for staff to easily manage content changes in the backend on their own in the future. We also created a tailored and comprehensive backend reference document for Foxton’s staff to use.

  • 2 months of ongoing support
  • Website backend training
  • Training documentation

Ongoing Support

As a part of the ongoing support period for Foxton Financial, we provided essential SEO to their pages, optimising their website performance and to gain visibility. This support included 24/7 monitoring and bug fixing as well.

  • Basic SEO
  • Meta title and meta description optimisation
  • On-page and off-page optimisation
  • SSL certificate installation

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