FLIP Australia – Development

Helping to Guide People Through Their Unique Maze of Life

Our Client 

FLIP (short for “Future Leaders in Progress”) is an NDIS registered provider and youth mentoring service that provides the right guidance for young people to reach their full potential. FLIP’s staff have extensive experience providing support to people with disabilities and disadvantages for a range of different purposes. From helping with day to day skills to working towards a future milestone, FLIP aims to empower their clients to achieve their goals and help to provide a sense of belonging to everyone.

Their Challenge 

FLIP previously had a simple template website that wasn’t effectively capturing the attention of their target audience. The presentation of FLIP’s services was unstructured and did not properly portray their expertise as it was difficult to navigate. It did not have any branding discipline despite their creative logo, and their disconnected website did not stand out among their competitors. With low-quality stock images and plenty of broken links, we had our work cut out for us to redesign FLIP a new site. They needed something simple that better portrayed their work and mentoring experience within the community.

Our Approach 

Client Relations

We worked with FLIP’s stakeholders to gather their requirements. We understood who their competitors are and what kind of approach makes them different. This process involved a requirement gathering document to capture design preferences and functionality needs.

  • Requirement gathering document
  • Regular in-person and video conferencing meetings
  • Style & design preference gathering
  • Understanding of company goals and guidelines
  • Open, ongoing communication with stakeholders through phone and email
  • Regular project management updates

Website Design 

FLIP needed to balance a fresh and cohesive look which appeals to the parents and guardians that predominantly make up their target audience. They wanted something different from all of the other service providers in their industry, so we worked with FLIP’s requirements to create a unique and bright website design that complemented their existing branding. Their logo captures the essence of their tagline; ‘helping people through the maze of life’, which we were able to reflect through other branding elements. We created a number of revisions until FLIP’s staff were happy with the professional but retro-esque website approach.

Website Features 

UI Design 

We collected FLIP’s requirements and worked until we created a unique website UI design that the FLIP team were completely happy with. We implemented bright colours and lots of images to portray the positive work that FLIP does within the community, using a retro-style approach to set them apart from competitors.

  • Yellow and teal colours used to make the website more vibrant
  • We used a modernised-retro style to match FLIP’s logo but with a professional approach
  • The colours and fonts add to the retro feel
  • The graphic style of content on the website attracts the young target audience
  • We helped manage the website content with a new navigation structure and content editing
  • Clean but professional approach with the feeling of support and nurturing services
  • Prominent contact information and NDIS logo
  • Logical content structure and calls to action
  • Diagonal lines, rounded images, and the “spray paint” mark were branding elements used throughout the site

UX Design 

Once the website design was approved, we moved to the website development stage to create an HTML mock-up that could be experienced in the browser. This is where we showcased user experience elements that were designed to elevate the user experience and make the content more engaging.

  • The FLIP logo shrinks when scrolling down on pages in the website and expands again when scrolling back to the top
  • Automatically scrolling slideshow galleries shows off clients’ experience with FLIP
  • Upon mouseover, the FLIP logo in the navigation bar turns into a “home” button designed for unique user experience and to decongest the navigation bar
  • Black and white images turn to colour upon mouseover
  • Engaging site structure, small paragraphs and the large fonts make the site content easy to read
  • Pictures on the site moving vertically when scrolling to increase site engagement
  • Mobile optimisation of the whole website


Along with the new website content structure, we worked with FLIP to make sure all of their required website functionalities were captured and implemented. This included contact forms to help narrow down the needs of their clients and social media links.

  • The phone call button and contact form integration to help the audience easily contact FLIP
  • Testimonials and Success Stories pages to showcase their good work
  • Tailored contact forms for client enquiries
  • Social media links

Project Handover

We supported FLIP’s website after the site went live, with a full project handover to their stakeholders. This included full backend training for the FLIP website so that their staff can easily manage backend content changes without relying on us. We also created a full training document outlining how to use the back end step by step.

  • 2 months of ongoing support
  • Website backend training
  • Training documentation

Ongoing Support

As a part of the ongoing support period, we also continued to work with FLIP for digital marketing to help them grow their business with search engine optimisation and more. We worked to optimise their website performance and gain visibility to grow against their competitors. This support included 24/7 monitoring and bug fixing as well as website maintenance.

  • Ongoing digital marketing services
  • Meta title and meta description optimisation
  • On-page and off-page optimisation
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • SSL certificate installation
  • Google Cloud hosting
  • Website maintenance
  • Bug fixing

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