David HF Campbell

Coach | Speaker | Trainer | Consultant | Facilitator | Mentor | Veteran

Our Client

David is an Internationally certified coach, teacher and speaker associate with The John Maxwell Team, which is one of the largest Coaching companies across the globe. Today, the David HF Campbell website offers various services like coaching, training, consulting, speaking, book publishing and marriage celebrant through a single window.

Their Challenge

David Campbell had three different websites initially, which offered different services. David wanted us to develop a single website including all their services for better business management. He also needed customised design elements for his website.


of traffic generated on the old website over the last two years was achieved in just 6 months on David’s new site

Our Action

We worked closely with David to build a new website which incorporates all his services. Our team gave regular project management feedback to make sure that we understood his concern with the old websites. For David HF Campbell, we worked on different facets of the business including:

Website UI/UX

Our design team created a unique website which is integrated with tech elements and aesthetic hand drawn icons to align with the requirement of the client. With a simple and user-friendly design in white background, the David Campbell website encourages more user engagements.

Website Development

We have created a whole new Shopify website incorporating all the services provided by the client. Initially David had three different WordPress websites for different services. Our developers were keen to switch all the functionalities of the old websites to the new Shopify website. We have included an additional option to take coaching membership and pen engraving too.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Our SEO team is providing basic SEO, transitioning work from the previous websites to the new one. Ongoing support, monitoring and bug fixing are provided 24/7.

Our Results

  • Within the first 6 months, the new website had already generated 50% of the traffic that was generated in the last two years.
  • The new website also generated 49% of the sessions that were generated in the last two years.
  • Our page views have also reached a total of 17% within the last 6 months.

Working with David over the years, we have seen his business grow from strength to strength. The data above clearly shows how streamlining your business can improve results.

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