Canberra Physio – Development

Canberra’s Trusted Physiotherapy Clinic for Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology, Hydrotherapy & Gym-based Programs

Canberra Physiotherapy Centre in Deakin is a local leading physiotherapy practice that’s family-owned and operated in Canberra. They have more than 20 years of experience offering physiotherapy, exercise physiology, hydrotherapy and more, with an expert and diverse team.

The previous Canberra physiotherapy website had not been updated in many years when they came to us. The business was being passed down to the family and needed a revamp. It used a Drupal template that was limited in its edibility and functionality and was outdated in its design. The business needed to revamp its website to better compete with other practices and clinics in Canberra.

We worked alongside the Canberra physiotherapy team to understand their branding and service offerings. In a thorough requirement gathering period, we collected their needs and guided them to a logical navigation structure for best showcasing their allied health service offerings. Interspersed among clean calls to actions, icons, and images, we balanced the client’s provided body text and created a professional yet welcoming impression to their website. We accommodated older people in their target audience with bold buttons and distinctly designed branded location maps.

Our new website was clean, professional, and informative for Canberra Physio’s clients. We used this new website as a model to create a new website for their sister practice as well, Canberra Injury Management Centre. With the new modern approach, both brands present more professionally to the market with a better structure and ability to book or contact the administration team.

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