Basketball ACT

Canberra's local basketball association

Our Client

As Canberra’s local Basketball Association, Basketball ACT has over 12,000 registered players and 700 teams. With the high velocity of players, coaches and staff visiting the website, Basketball ACT required a whole host of information that needed to be displayed on their website. They contacted us to modernise the look of their website and organise it to be able to provide all the necessary information.

Their Challenge

Basketball ACT’s challenge was to consolidate all their content and make it more concise while communicating everything to their target audience. They also wanted to incorporate additional features such as online payment, online booking of a court, finding a club, etc.

User Growth Generated
Sessions Generated
Page Views Generated

Our Action

Since Basketball ACT is such an esteemed organisation in Canberra, we first took time to understand their various target audiences and how to segment the information on the website. Once we got a deeper understanding of their requirements and the requirements of their audience, our team rolled up their sleeves and got to work!

Throughout the project, we worked on multiple facets of the business including:

UI Design

Since the website was going to be multifaceted, we wanted to ensure a simple design which represented their brand colours. We carefully started designing their website with a focus on clean lines, and keeping the background a crisp white. Throughout the website we included pops of orange and black, drawing the eyes to such highlighted sections.

UX Design

Our team of experts then developed an HTML mockup for our client in order for them to have a hands-on experience of how the website performed and to better understand the user-experience. After going through a few iterations of the mockup, we created the perfect balance of user touchpoints and optimised the user experience. To ensure our client, Basketball ACT, got the best results with the launch of their new website, our team ensured to implement SEO to improve the website’s performance.

Our Results

Once the website went live, Basketball ACT had a steady increase in website traffic since December 2019. Don’t believe us? Check out their results…

  • Total Visits/Users: 109,507
  • Pageviews: 720,130
  • Sessions: 287,501

Average Traffic Growth Rate per Month:

  • +27% User growth generated
  • +39% Sessions generated
  • +42% Page Views generated

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