Attitude Australia – Development

Canberra’s Premier Dancewear Store

Our Client

Attitude Australia is a family owned company with a passion for the arts and in particular dance. Attitude Australia has a friendly, supportive and casual atmosphere with a wonderful, knowledgeable team. A bit more on the company and what they sell.

Their Challenge

Attitude Australia already had an established presence as Canberra’s premier storefront for dancewear and related equipment and accessories.

To further reach beyond the Canberra market, Attitude Australia knew that they needed to expand their offerings to the eCommerce market to grow.

While they had a strong reputation in the local market, creating an online store would mean that they could sell their specialty products and expertise nationally.

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New User Visits

Our Action

We worked closely with the client and stakeholders during regular project management updates to ensure that we understood their:

  • Vision and requirements for the new website.
  • Business goals and target audience
  • Requests to alter the design multiple times until complete satisfaction.

Throughout the project, we worked on multiple facets of the business including:

eCommerce Website UI

Starting out with only manual management of products, the team and Attitude Australia came to us to create a brand-new website. We worked with this client to create a functional system for managing all the products both online and in store, making it easy for the administration and retail staff to manage orders and supplier inventory. We created a unique website design, using the dark colours of the Attitude Australia brand. Our design reached out to the dance-focused target audience, while balancing the sophisticated and high quality products that Attitude Australia sells.

eCommerce Website UX

We carefully planned the website for optimal user experience and more sales with a sophisticated appeal. With an ease of navigation through products and management in the back end, we created the right solution for both customers and administration staff. To ensure our client, Attitude Australia, got the best results with the launch of their new website, our team ensured to implement basic SEO to improve the website’s performance.

Our Results

Once the website went live, Attitude Australia had a steady increase in website traffic. Don’t believe us? Check out their results…

  • 4,839 New Users
  • 8,084 Sessions
  • 48,506 Page Views

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