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Our Client

The Australian National University’s Centre for Continuing Education provides recognition at a graduate level for working professionals. It provides a great opportunity for personal and professional development to all those enrolled in the micro-credentials. These micro-credentials offer a new and innovative way of learning that benefits their industry, the government, and the community.

Their Challenge

The digital ads and EDMs for their micro-credentials needed to target certain niche groups as each micro-credential served a different industry. There was also a need for educating the audience on the benefits of micro-credentials and how it will accelerate their career.

Our Action

Once we understood the requirements from ANU – CCE, we conducted thorough market study, and narrowed down certain:

  • Target Groups
  • Industries
  • Platforms

Throughout the project, we worked on multiple facets of the business including:

Paid Ads

Social media campaigns were particularly useful in reaching the right target audiences of potential students. Pay-per-click campaigns brought a high volume of new traffic to relevant websites and information sources. We used platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn to hone in on the right target audience.

Display & Search Ads

In order to further optimise the campaign and get ANU-CCE in front of their potential audience, we also ran multiple display and search ads on Google. We assisted by creating the graphics, videos and running the campaign which garnered a great response.

Video Creation

Our team of experts created engaging videos for each micro-credential, providing more information on topics to be covered, learning outcomes and additional details in an interesting and creative way. We assisted ANU- CCE through the entire process, from writing the script, to recording voice-overs to the final video production while making sure it was constantly in line with the brand guidelines. These videos were also added to their Youtube channel to increase their reach.

Email Marketing

We worked with ANU to write, design and create emailers that were sent out to potential clients within the industry. We also segmented the audience based on their sign ups, to ensure we only approached the right set of clientele.

Our Results

For search campaigns

  • Achieved a CTR: 6.94% – Strong CTR when compared with the industry standard which is at an average of 3%.
  • Achieved a Conversion Rate: 89.44%  – Excellent compared to the industry average of 3.48%. There were months we even achieved 95% conversion rate.
  • Total conversions 8.1K – Conversions here refers to page visits & course registration clicks.

Display Campaigns

  • Conversion rate – 88.05%. Excellent compared to the industry average of  2-4%
  • Total conversions 2.69 K – Conversions here refers to page visits & course registration clicks.

Video Campaigns

  • Conversion rate – 7.43%. Excellent compared to the industry average of  2-4%
  • Total conversions 2.67 K – Conversions here refers to page visits & course registration clicks.

Total:  Microcredential pageviews – 12,986  

Our campaigns were extremely successful in Google and especially LinkedIn, showing an excellent conversion rate of 40.74% on LinkedIn, which is a lot higher than the average conversion rate of 5 – 15%. Our Google Ads campaigns were driving top traffic driving sources to the entire ANU website for all the months we ran the campaigns.

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