Email Marketing Growth Tips for Startups

Email marketing is a great cost efficient marketing channel that start ups should utilise to help grow their businesses. But first, let’s start by explaining what a growth tip is. Most of the time, small businesses and startups adopt growth tips. These tips are devised for those who don’t have a big budget or a lot of time to spend but still want to experience considerable growth.

Growth tips can be crucial as small businesses and startups often don’t have a lot of funds to allocate to the development of their business, yet they need more clients and higher revenue.

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Small businesses are going to utilise the benefits of email outreach campaigns as it often hands out a better return on investment than any other conventional marketing channel! If you are running a business and use email marketing services often, you will notice the increase in performance of your business. Even if your startup is currently performing well, using some of these growth hacking marketing methods can help to increase your existing ROI. Here are a few that you can use to boost your small startup business.

Email Automation

As a startup, you do a lot of tasks yourself. We get it, that’s just a part of owning your own business. It can be that you are in the process of hiring excellent all-round staff, but you are not actually there yet. All in good time, innovators & entrepreneurs!

Email automation is one of the major tips that will hand over the most considerable results. It is the proficiency to deliver time or action triggered emails to users with compatible information. Automation is effective for achieving a variety of marketing goals.

While you will have to allot some funds on business email marketing software, it will pay back gains with time.

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As per the data collected from Email Monday, most small businesses use automation for email marketing above other techniques (64%). It is also advantageous for lead targeting and profiling (26%) and dynamic content customisation (23%).

Email marketing automation can also help you to personalise your emails, make templates for customised messages, and send emails 24/7 (or at the optimised time for a higher opening rate). You have much to do right now to ensure your business succeeds, but you can certainly grow it with marketing automation.

When used right, email marketing automation is like another staff member. It does a lot of crucial tasks for you with little input required on your part. There is plenty of scope to ‘set and forget’.

Segment Your Email to Create Targeted Email Sequence

Still, many startups are sending irrelevant emails which go to the spam folder of their customers. Without a strategic purpose, people won’t even try to read these emails. This is a poor email marketing strategy followed by many which will block them from making the required ROI for the business.

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Segmenting indicates sequencing the email subscribers based on which categories of email they are more possibly going to get the response. This is an exceptional tip to use because it assists you to deliver emails that are more pertinent to the users and their ongoing situation. You can also segment any kind of aspect like age, location, gender etc to drill down into specific audience groups.

Social Media Usage

Social media can integrate seamlessly with email if you learn how to do it right. For example, if you have a solid social media following, then you can utilise that to grab more email subscribers.

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How? You can attract your audience by giving discounts or freebies on a social media platform that only your email subscribers can leverage. Further repurposing content, you can share details of your most successful emails on different social platforms. This discloses to people what they are missing out on by not signing up to your email list.

You could also include an email list subscription option on your Facebook Business Page or Instagram profile.

Design Emails with a Single Focus

One of the main disadvantages of businesses today is they overlook focusing on one thing. The problem is that they often don’t have a strong focus. Too many points in an email will overwhelm and confuse the audience, not allowing them to focus on the most important message.

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It is advised that emails with a single, particular focus function better. They are simpler to understand and the user can take relevant action upon reading the email. So try to incorporate multiple focuses into an individual one and try to note the positive change in profit level.


Reputation is everything for a startup or a small business. One way to impair your reputation is by creating grammatical and spelling errors.

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As per a study done at North Carolina State University, when a team of psychologists explained students typo-laden emails, the outcomes weren’t pretty.

The students “identified the writer to be less diligent, intelligent, and credible when the message consisted of many grammatical errors, compared to the message without any errors”.

Not proofreading your content is a rookie error that’s really inappropriate mostly because it can be so easily avoided. If you or somebody else in your company can take the time to proofread your emails, you can clear spelling errors for an overall best foot forward when reaching out to your audience base.

If your email marketing strategy is a little lacking, any of these email marketing growth tips here should help your startup to determine how to change that. We recognise you have a lot to do running a startup, but it’s worth taking the time to enhance your email marketing strategy. You’ll identify more growth and thus drive more sales.

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