Advantages of Executing a Successful Email Outreach Campaign

Email marketing is always one of the most efficient means for marketing for any business. While newsletters and one-off campaigns will always have a crucial position in your email marketing strategy, the most active companies are starting to set up automated email campaigns that generate user engagement.


Why? Because these automated emails are timely, customised and hyper-relevant to the audience. How? This can be done with the help of EDM tools (Electronic Direct Mail marketing tools). If you are running an eCommerce business, you should be aware of the importance of EDM tools. Utilising these tools, the emails will be recognised and clicked on more frequently and enhance website visits and revenue for your business.

Email automation workflows involve a series of pre-written, automated emails that are delivered to a client following a particular action trigger. With the rise of millennials entering the workplace, it has not ever before been so essential to be as distinct, targeted and personalised in your feedback marketing as ever before. The latest stats have shown that your clients require a more personalised consumer experience and are not interested in blanket mass-marketing messages.

Benefits of Email Automation Workflow

It’s Automated


One of the most crucial aspects of email automated workflows is pretty simple: they are automatic. Once your workflows are fixed, whenever a user triggers a given event, the series of actions in the marketing workflow will start. You don’t require manual interference, or a staff keeping an eye on customer activity and manually sending emails round the clock – it quietly flows by itself.

Lead Nurturing

Business is a connection; it’s a relationship between the client and vendor. These connections are based on several factors – importance and specificity being a great aspect of setting up effective associations and relationships.


Email workflows are devised to nurture your leads. Many clients have an internal buying strategy which indicates that they do not need to be contacted by a salesman. For example, almost immediately after they have accessed your free PDF lead magnet – they prefer, and need, to be nurtured in the process.

Email automation favours you to do just that. By delivering engaging, compatible, specific information that backs the contact to understand more about your business and service, meaning they become more interested when they are contacted by your sales team.

Sales Benefit

Analysing statistics from email campaigns, the sales team can observe absolutely what information a prospect has opened, clicked, engaged with and so on. This implies that the prospect is not ‘cold’ but ‘warm’ and the sales team have a more considerable insight into the potential client’s interests, inclinations, targets, and thought process. There’s a greater chance the lead will be excited by what your business has to offer.


Specific CRMs (Customer Relationship Management) tools have consolidated systems that set off internal email notifications when a prospect undertakes various actions (such as opening a link, filling in a form, or clicking a specific email). This allows your sales crew to take pertinent and relevant action based on the individual user’s behaviour.

Increased Brand Awareness


By delivering engaging content of value that is clear-cut and relevant, the client is already building a connection with your brand – all on autopilot. This is critical for the moment when a sales team contacts you, or, an offer is sent. The client is attentive, responsive and engaged all on autopilot. Your pre-set campaigns have raised your brand purpose and awareness without having any effort.



This is a great one! When all things are automated it simply saves so much human engagement in the process which saves your business so much time. The time that your sales team can spend on more compatible and successful tasks such as approaching warmer prospects with more info about their prospects leading to a more considerable ROI.

Cost Saving


With forward planning and strategic email automation, you can save your business hundreds of working hours; and this indicates that in the long run you can save a lot of money. Marketing automation means you don’t require a big sales team doing cold calls all day long with a low ROI. You don’t require extra admin teams to ensure emails are being systematically sent out. With email automation, you can conserve your man-hours for more compatible tasks with the benefit to invest less in a greater return on time investment.

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