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Make sure your social marketing isn't background noise.

Engage your community. Drive business success.

These days, it seems every man and his dog are on social media. It makes sense for SMBs to be there too! Used well, tools like Facebook are incredibly powerful at connecting local businesses with their community.  

If you have a shopfront, people might pass by your sign for a few seconds in a day. What if you could find them again in the places they’re spending hours? We Aussies are huge social media addicts, spending an incredible 5.9 billion hours scrolling through sites like Facebook every year. That’s a lot of seconds! We specialise in working with SMBs to help them get in front of the right people to drive sales success.

Our courses

We love training businesses & organisations to help them engage with their community to find new customers and driving repeat business.  In the ever-changing world of social media, it takes a solid strategy, up-to-date market knowledge and some nifty management tricks to make sure you stand out from the crowd. We know what works because we’re working at the cutting edge of market trends every day. It’s this experience which let us reach 11,000 Canberrans in 40 days organically for one local production company.

Want to find out the latest tips and tricks for success on social media? Come along to one of our training workshops! We’ll show you the latest tips and tricks we use for our own clients, then help you implement them yourselves. Harness the power of social media to find new customers, bring back old ones, and drive business growth. We’ll work with you to help you know what to share, when and where to share it, and how to harness the power of paid & organic growth strategies to find more people that love what you do.

Small group training seminars
One-on-one training.
Strategy consulting

Upcoming Course details

Introduction to Social Media
  • Social media channels: what’s the difference & where are my customers?
  • Advertising: what is it & how much should I spend?
  • Making a successful post: text, graphics, hashtags.
  • Driving engagement: campaigns & competition
  • Measuring your progress.
Introduction to Linked In
  • Why is LinkedIn important for B2B sales?
  • Making a profile that stands out from the crowd.
  • Networking: finding people, making connections, and getting conversions.
  • Advertising: what are my options and how much do they cost?
  • Linked In tools introduction.

Custom strategy development

We also provide customised, comprehensive social media strategies to help you target your consumers like never before. Gain industry-leading insights into your target demographic and competitor behaviour,and a comprehensive social media branding guide & six-month posting plan to accelerate your brand.Planet Media will also provide ongoing support, training your staff and conducting in-person reviews to evaluate your progress every 3 months.

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