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With Australians spending a collective 5.9 billion hours on social media every year, these platforms offer exciting opportunities to engage constituents in fresh, immediate ways. Used well, social media can help departments improve service delivery, increase transparency, and easily collect community feedback. Only 33% of Australian government employees say they have the support they need to execute digital strategies, and in today’s complicated digital landscape that’s understandable!

Australians are sophisticated social media consumers. Shaken by anti-trust revelations, they are still using social platforms, but have changed what they expect from the experience. Users are wary of misinformation and disingenuousness. In order to drive genuine community engagement and get a return on the significant resources invested into account management, it’s vital to understand the state of the market today. We provide a range of support options to help departments communicate with confidence and engage with their communities like never before.

Communicate with confidence

Social media presents a number of challenges at scale. Large workflow management and approval chains. Ever-changing market trends. The rise of increasingly sophisticated media consumers. Connecting with people is vital, but to do so often requires adjusting communication strategies. It can be stressful driving this process, especially when only 33% of Australian Government Employees report having sufficient support to execute digital strategies. We empower the public sector to plan, execute, and evaluate their reach on social media to drive deeper engagement with important initiatives.

Here’s How We Help

Government Organisations

Strategic Consulting

Understand the latest social media trends and how to shape communications strategies in response with consulting from Planet Media.

Workflow Management

Clear guidelines make effective social media management easy. Navigate the challenges of long approval chains to make things easier for staff.

Social Listening & CRM Management

Take advantage of the latest technologies to see how your communities are talking about your services, and use this to drive responsive communication strategies back.

Public Records Acts Compliance

Protect your department by ensuring all social media communications are properly archived. We are happy to advise on a range of tools that are currently available on the market.

Event Engagement

Engage your community through strong creative content design. Full paid & organic campaign management also available on request.

Risk & Reputation Management

Minimise risk for your staff (and department). From handling public comments well, to misinformation management, our experienced team are skilled at identifying roadblocks and removing them before they become an issue.

Market Updates

Understand the state of social media with our executive summaries. We provide a range of market research services to help drive informed communication decisions. Let us know where you’d like the latest industry insights, and we’ll prepare the briefing you need to get up-to-speed.

Australians spend

5.9 Billion hours

social media on each year.
Let’s capture
the opportunity to engage the Australian public together.

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Who We Are.

“Planet Media is a full-service digital marketing agency based in Canberra and Melbourne. We know how to engage your people across social media platforms, because we’re working there every day. We support organisations of all sizes to create and execute social media strategies that delight and engage people. With specialist teams working at all stages of the communications process, from website design to display advertising to SEO, we bring a holistic understanding of the communication process. We understand how market changes in one sector influence best practices in another. Feel free to contact us today to chat about how we can help your department grow with social media.

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