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Social Media Advertising Campaign Management

Convert More with Paid
Social Media Advertising

Whether it be for a government organisation, a large-scale NPO, or a local business, we will take care of everything related to social media advertising. From producing creatives and pin-pointed audience targeting right through to transparent reporting, accelerate your business with our comprehensive campaign management services for social media advertising.

Reach Further, See Real ROI.

The social media landscape has vastly changed, meaning that it has become increasingly important to back your business with paid advertising. Realistically, you have got to pay to play. We recognise that paid promotions are crucial to any social media strategy, and we will partner with you to reach beyond your regular followers. With targeted campaigns that are designed for the best return on investment, set your business on the path to reach the next level with our paid advertising management services. Use our paid social media campaigns to meet more customers, and say hello to more sales.

Strategic Campaign Planning.

When planning any advertising campaign, we start on the foundations of thorough market research to offer a comprehensive competitor analysis. Research is what we do best, so leave it to us to find out your competitors’ movements and what the audience in your industry best responds to. We will partner with you to develop your strategy and plan your campaign across relevant channels that matter to your industry. Expect the best in execution and analytic services to make sure your money is being invested to achieve the best effect, according to your advertising goals.

Connect With a Hyper-Targeted Audience.

Targeted social media advertising means that you can directly send the key messages to your target audience. Use sales-driven social media advertising to accurately engage with the right audience, and build your client base beyond your current customers. We will help you segment a hyper-targeted audience, and continue to use techniques to retarget them until conversion. We will use appropriate data to direct potential clients to the right sales funnel to generate relevant leads. Connect with a new community of customers, curated by their age, gender, location, interests and other relevant criteria, to turn them into life long customers.

Sales-Driven Content Production and Distribution

Leave it to us to execute the practical side of your social media advertising plan from scratch, to success. We’ll help you effectively communicate with your audience using visuals and language that appeals to them, via the social platforms that they care about. We will work with you to curate images and have our team of graphic designers design quality creatives that make your business stand out. Meanwhile, our content and marketing team will match it with enticing ad copy that your customers can’t resist. Don’t worry, we always make sure that your campaigns are accurately optimised and distributed to the right audience. Our processes are managed with a proper approval process, to keep you and your stakeholders in the know.

Ongoing Paid Campaign

Leave it to us to monitor the progress of your paid promotions. We closely monitor all of our paid social media campaigns with regular updates to our clients via phone or email. Our strategic process involves constantly testing and reviewing our strategies to ensure our clients receive optimum results to make the most of sales opportunities. This might mean testing different campaign creatives, messages, and calls to action along the way. We understand that ongoing improvements are essential to success and our aim is always to make sure that your business gets the best possible return on investment.

Evaluation and Reporting.

We take partnership with our clients seriously, so we make sure that we keep them in the loop for all paid campaign results. We report transparently on all of our social media campaigns and critically evaluate our performance during comprehensive monthly review meetings. We pride ourselves on transparency, meaning that we tell our clients what we have done and why, our results, and what the next steps are for strategic growth through paid social media campaigns.

What Can You Expect From Social Media
Advertising Campaign Management With Planet Media?

  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Budget optimisation
  • Social media advertising campaign planning
  • A/B testing of campaign creatives, ad copy and CTA
  • Campaign goal optimisation
  • Timely content distribution and scheduling
  • Precision targeting and audience building
  • Campaign performance monitoring
  • Content design and production
  • Campaign analytics
  • Sales-driven ad copy
  • Regular updates and transparent reporting
  • Content and placement optimisation
  • Campaign assessment and strategy assessment

Looking to Advertise on Social Media?

Over 50% of Australians will tap into some form of social media each day. Used wisely, social media is a powerful tool to help you connect and engage with your target audience. So which platform fits your organisation best?

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