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Is your Post-COVID
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The recent rise of digital marketing has been so phenomenal that around 65% of businesses have accelerated their digital marketing adoption in Australia due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Preparing for the big comeback during the post-COVID recovery, businesses are working harder than ever to prepare themselves this Christmas by boosting their digital strategies to drive more sales and conversions.

Make the most out of the biggest seasonal trends of any year this Christmas. We can help your business be more sophisticated and dynamic this holiday season. Contact our team today!

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Is your business ready for the holiday season?

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Don’t Miss Out On These Seasonal Digital Marketing Hacks

Ecommerce &
Website Development

The expansion of eCommerce has been remarkable as the latest strike from the pandemic has driven online stores to become more practical and livelier than ever before. In June 2021 alone, the eCommerce market in Australia has seen an amazing total online sales rise of 11.6% which is expected to grow in the coming years. These figures are the result of businesses working harder with their digital strategies to drive their online sales and conversions than ever before.

A smart eCommerce marketing strategy is one that accounts for and takes advantage of the current season in the most subtle ways, going beyond heavy discount offers or seasonal sales during the holidays.

To help your online stores leverage the current seasonal shifts and stay ahead of your shoppers, here are some key practical steps to get your Christmas Sales started -

  • Personalised Christmas gift shopping based on Gift Recipients.
  • Outline the shipping and return information ahead of the final purchase
  • Highlight your Christmas offers on your home page
  • Overlay pop-ups to communicate shipping delays or timelines
  • Expand your categories page with relevant and in-stock products
  • Display coupon codes on your homepage to increase sales and savings
  • Offer product bundles to drive more sales (Add to Cart Button)
  • Include urgency and social proof in your messages to drive up your Christmas Sales

Here are our top eCommerce platform solutions based on objective feature sets, value and performance, to meet the various goals and needs of your eCommerce stores, driving leads and sales.




How do we factor changing holiday seasons into Web design and development?

  • We tailor your web content to suit the season (Christmas, New Year, Black Friday, etc.)
  • Use the ability to change and update content and layout as per the need of the moment.
  • Intentional tactics to convey the right moods and emotions.
  • Put together a strategic plan for your seasonal sales and conversion goals and stick to it.

Leveraging digital marketing channels has become more crucial than ever in ensuring that your holiday campaigns are perfectly optimised to stay ahead of your competition.

With the holiday marketing game commencing, get ready to roll up your sleeves and stay up-to-date with the latest traffic trends and impactful digital marketing strategies that truly work.

If you are looking to make the most out of the biggest sales season of all time. We can help.

Through data focused and strategically planned SEO, PPC, other multi-channel marketing and all digital marketing channels we can guarantee that you can navigate and optimise your Seasonal Campaigns as trends emerge, helping you stand out from the crowd of competitive online businesses. Our team of experts can help you understand and convert the latest data trends behind holiday seasonal marketing tactically through a digital marketing strategy to help position your business at the top of your competition.

Are your digital channels prepared for the holidays?

Ensure that your digital channels are holiday-ready this Christmas with the latest data that will help elevate your business to the top of your competition.

Partner with us today to learn how we can help your online store leverage more sales and generate leads. Contact our team today!

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Seasonal SEO

To attract your online shoppers during the holidays, your eCommerce site should have a seasonal holiday focus (Christmas) that lets it rank higher on search ladders for the holiday-themed queries and others that display your seasonal products in the most user-friendly and appealing manner. You take it a step ahead by adding holiday-themed pages like Christmas offers, etc.

Seasonal SEO mainly aims at driving more conversions to websites during the limited period to let you take the maximum advantage of the surging demand of the products and services during that season.

This handy digital marketing tactic helps businesses to level up their product sales during the most crucial sale period (Christmas Sales time), making seasonal SEO must-have essentials of Christmas marketing strategies. While the SEOs may not have complete control over the maximum surge time of each product interest they can ensure that your products are seen by your shoppers in search results.

Seasonal PPC

PPC management is a great way to improve your holiday season conversion rates. Making use of Google Ad Words is an excellent way to make sure that your products and services reach the eyes of your relevant masses.

You can achieve this in just 4 simple steps-

  • Conducting seasonal keyword research.
  • Creating strategic holiday marketing campaigns.
  • Crafting holiday marketing seasonal Ad copies.
  • Monitoring your holiday campaign performance.

To enhance the results where your SEO efforts should be anchored in such a direction that your Ads get displayed for the seasonal search terms.

As a general rule with your Seasonal PPC holiday marketing campaigns, make sure that all your holiday ads stay as relevant as possible to the season. Ensure that the copies you write are engaging and direct your users to the most relevant landing page of that time (Christmas Season Landing page) which syncs with their search term of the time for your website. Also, note that your landing pages are all well optimised for the applicable search terms (SEO).

Social Media

Social media can be your star tool that can drive amazing results when it comes to holiday marketing sales and leads. Decorate your social profiles and make your feeds with festive themes. Keep in your marketing objective carefully assess and outline your goals and then create a solid plan with a good mix of posts targeting engagements, click-through links, leads and sales on your websites.

Offer some really good deals like some promo codes, free seasonal shipping or free Christmas gift cards to encourage your buyers to make a move. The combined strategic efforts taken here can bring in your potential and existing audience together to build a strong and loyal relationship with your brand. Make effective use of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Also, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for your competitors and take inspiration from what they did better.

Email Marketing
& Automation

Email marketing Automation is a powerful holiday marketing strategy that can work wonders for your business if done right. You can use it to promote Christmas /Holiday campaigns by targeting your seasonal promotions according to your goals to drive increased traffic to your website.

Here are 5 steps to boost Email holiday marketing and automation
  • Send your targeted holiday marketing emails through segmentation.

    Effective ways to segment your holiday email marketing:

    • Separate and group your subscribers based on interests (previous purchase history or browsing history on your website).
    • Customise the frequency, content and timing of your follow-up campaigns based on yearly v/s seasonal shoppers.
    • Identify and group the coupon lovers.
  • Anchor your marketing automation holiday marketing email success

    Use these tactics to make the most out of holiday emails:

    • Set-up a proper Abandoned cart Automation workflows
    • Use the holiday seasonal welcome emails.
    • Enable lead scoring to target warm leads
  • Set up a smart holiday marketing email schedule.

    Key pointers to check:

    • Follow-up
    • Your current buying cycle
    • Use your basic logic and marketing knowledge
  • Pay attention to email marketing content
    • Use fun and festive email designs
    • Invest your time on email subject lines
    • Provide value to the recipient
  • Understand what works for your prospects

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