Rivendell Finance

Your rural and acreage lending specialists

Our Client

Rivendell Finance was established by Principal Alison Smith to help the local communities in Southern NSW and ACT purchase their dream home or acreage property. Her aim is to provide simple, straightforward advice, in a friendly, family oriented and professional manner, with local expertise and service. Alison’s background includes many years in the corporate world, in general business and financial consulting.

Their Challenge

We were approached by Alison with the challenge of targeting the ACT and surrounding areas through a digital marketing campaign. However, Alison’s site was fairly basic and unprepared to take on potential clients from a future digital marketing campaign. Due to this, we went back to the drawing board and worked with Alison to enhance her brand identity and online presence prior to our digital campaign.

Our Action

After conducting an in-depth study of companies within her area, we worked closely with Alison to better understand her requirements and the needs of her clients to move forward.

Throughout the project, we worked on multiple facets of the business including:


In order to maintain the essence of Rivendell Finance, we decided to revamp their logo with a softer colour gradient and new font rather than creating a completely new logo. With the revamped logo, alternative versions were included to allow Rivendell’s logo to be incorporated in a flexible manner, no matter the context. We wrapped up the branding stage by compiling Rivendell’s elements within a brand guidelines document which was followed throughout the following stages of the project in order to enhance the consistency of Rivendell’s visual identity.

UI Design

With research conducted and brand guidelines to follow, we moved on to designing Rivendell Finance’s landing page. The home page was essential to the future success of Rivendell’s online presence and digital marketing campaign. Due to this, we spent a lot of time revising and perfecting Rivendell’s home page to truly impress visitors to the site. Once the home page was complete, the inner pages followed suit, allowing us to begin the UX design process.

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

To ensure that we were with Alison throughout and after the completion of the website, we implemented basic SEO and continued providing ongoing monitoring, maintenance and bug fixing.

UX Design

With the website UI complete, the team built a mockup for Alison in order for her to get a better understanding of the look and feel of her new website. We included an inquiry form on Alison’s banner image to instantly attract those who know what they’re looking for. With the help of some additional feedback, we were able to get the website up and running in preparation for Alison’s digital marketing campaign.

Digital Marketing

With Rivendell Finance, our main aim was to generate qualified leads by reaching out to Alison’s target audience. We worked with Alison to create video and static ads that showcased the diverse range of services that Rivendell Finance provides. Using Google display ads and search ads as well as Facebook ads, we were able to maximise the campaign’s reach. We also used certain keywords to improve the SEO performance of the website.

Our Results

As we continue to develop our campaign with Alison, we are confident that her return on investment will blow her expectations out of the water!


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