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Our Client 

State Your Business is a strategic consulting service with over 30 years of experience helping businesses and organisations reach success. They offer coaching, mentoring and consulting services to transform the businesses of both public and private sector clients. State Your Business works to help them overcome challenges in the workplace and beyond with a multifaceted coaching approach. 

Opportunities for Growth

Coaching is an industry that has become increasingly saturated with inexperienced service providers in recent years. Our client needed a website that clearly communicated their extensive experience to prospective clients. State Your Business was getting a few leads from digital platforms. They needed a new website that reflected their expertise in order to succeed in the Australian market.

Our Solution 

Website Development 

  • State Your Business’ previous website was shared with some other brands. This created confusion for visitors who were having trouble finding what they needed among all different services provided in the one website
  • We created a new website solely for State Your Business which increased audience engagement by reducing confusion
  • We developed a slick, corporate website that provided a clear visual point of difference from other coaching services
  • From the first landing page right through to the last contact box, every element was carefully placed to create a premium feel
  • We made three customised landing pages for different business types, each with a unique pitch and lead generation form to encourage visitors to find out more
  • Customised user experience elements of the site (such as mouseover effects on training course pages) further optimise the user journey by carefully balancing the amount of information available to each browser
  • Implemented training and courses into the website
Growth in Total Website Users
Increase in Organic Website Traffic
Increase in Keywords Indexed

Paid Advertising 

  • Search marketing campaigns were used to bring traffic to the new website and generate leads
  • We connected the right audience to the website, to produce relevant leads which resulted in increased conversions
  • Through paid advertising campaigns, we were able to communicate State Your Business’ experience to customers and raise the audience’s interest and purchase intent
  • Social media & GoogleAds

Our Results 

  • Ranked as 1st result in SERP for niche keywords within the first 3 months
  • Significant stabilisation and growth in organic results
  • Increased organic CTR from 1.69% to 14.2% in 4 months
  • Reduced website bounce rate by 20% by on-page optimisations

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