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Our Client 

Timeless Wisdom is a nonprofit organisation that offers globally accessible programs that educate and train people to increase their mindfulness and self-awareness. These programs have been created based on Asian traditions and philosophies including Zen, Dzogchen, Buddhism and the Middle way.

Altered to suit postmodern culture, the mission for Timeless Wisdom was to make resources more accessible to the public, communities and organisations to help them connect to their awareness and achieve mindfulness. Content for Timeless Wisdom’s programs was separated across different websites and needed to be consolidated and revisited. Timeless Wisdom needed a revamped web presence to be more modern and accessible, with a retrospective approach to their programs (many of which are no longer offered).

Their Challenge 

The original Timeless Wisdom was outdated in its design and organisation, simply made using a template website format. Content for different programs of the organisation was unstructured, and a high quantity of the information on the websites had become incorrect over time, as well. Although the organisation is all about mindfulness and achieving higher self-awareness, the haphazard structure of the previous websites was quite incongruous to the brand identity of Timeless Wisdom and its programs.

The previous website had a harsh look that was distressing for users to navigate, and it was not intuitive in its flow. Their challenge was to create one website that merged all the previous websites together in a coherent structure, in a way that reflected the branding while communicating all information regarding the various programs they offered.

Our Approach

Client Relations

We worked closely with the stakeholders of Timeless Wisdom to ensure we understood their requirements moving forward. To build their modern website, we worked with the organisation to create a comprehensive requirement gathering document. We took time to understand their aim and target audience to deliver a peaceful but modern website. We worked with the client to understand their concerns and style preferences for the new site design. Throughout the project we openly communicated with stakeholders, offering regular project management updates.

  • Requirement gathering documentation
  • Ongoing meetings and communication
  • Collection of branding styles and design preferences
  • Regular meetings and ongoing updates

Our Solution 

Branding and User Interface Design (UI)

A new website was created by using a combination of three previous websites owned by Timeless Wisdom. We synthesised the site structure according to the content given by the organisation and its new objectives to represent their programs from a more retrospective pitch. We carefully created an uncluttered design, making the content-dense website much easier for visitors to consume and navigate.

The bright and clean website design, combined with the serene imagery exudes an intentionally calming feeling, which aligns with Timeless Wisdom’s branding. As a content-based website, we ensured that every piece of content on the website was well structured and clearly organised with the UI design based on the content requirements.

  • We created a peaceful and uncluttered design with modern elements
  • Incorporation of purple branding colours and pale purple brand elements
  • Balancing of related imagery supplied by client with content
  • Intuitive website navigation enabling easy communication with the audience
  • Restructured content flow

User Experience Design (UX)

The website we created for Timeless Wisdom had an emphasis on simplicity with better user experience. The website content was updated and corrected to ensure relevant content is accessible, with interactive mouseover effects and animated features to increase user engagement. We adjusted the website to increase audience engagement in a variety of ways. The user experience of the new website was designed to be much smoother and less complicated than the previous websites, with an optimised UI and UX design.

  • Intuitive navigation structure with mouseover effect with drop-down menus for inner pages
  • Engaging scrolling elements on the homepage leading to blogs
  • We optimised the website for access through most smart devices
  • Implemented interactive resources page with video and audio content

Project Handover

We supported our client in the project handover, redirecting traffic from the old site to their new one. We provided the client with training for website management to help them easily add new content to the website. Like all of our clients, Timeless Wisdom received two months of website support after launching.

  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Two months support
  • Domain transition
  • Website redirection
  • Backend training for daily website management
  • Website training documentation

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