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Our Client

Professional Paint Perfection is a painting and decorating company located in Canberra. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, Professional Paint Perfection offers quality residential and commercial painting services at competitive rates. Their team is highly skilled in a range of painting, plastering, wallpapering and decorating services to help you make your dream home, business or office space.

Their Challenge

Professional Paint Perfection had not had a website update in a long time. Their old website was basic with a gallery and some content, but it did not effectively convey the company’s painting expertise. The content flow was not logical and the design did not look professional. It had a dark background which was unfitting for the freshness and classy feel of Professional Paint Perfection’s branding. They needed a new website with a clean look, an intuitive navigation structure, and better content about their services.

Our Approach

Client Relations

  • We worked closely with the client to ensure that we understood their vision and requirements for the new website
  • We took the time to understand their business goals and target audience
  • We worked with stakeholders to understand their style preferences for the site design and create a website that was tailored to their exact needs.
  • The design was altered multiple times according to client requests until they were completely satisfied
  • Throughout the project we openly communicated with stakeholders, offering regular project management updates

Our Solution


We incorporated Professional Paint Perfection’s professional and creative branding into the new website. Paint strokes were used throughout the website pages as brand elements, used to strengthen the creative feel of their brand. This was balanced with golden design elements and white spacing.

  • Incorporated branding into the website
  • Used the brand colours of white, black and gold throughout the designs
  • Used the ‘paint mark’ brand element as a highlight
  • Balanced this with sophisticated and professional looking golden blocks
  • Utilised white space high is also highlighted in the logo

UI Design & Website Content

The first step in creating the new website for Professional Paint Perfection was addressing the existing content flow. We identified a more intuitive user-friendly structure and helped our client to write content for the website including keyword planning for future digital marketing service. Balancing Professional Paint Perfection’s branding and preferred design styles, we used a fresh and high contrast design to portray the immaculate painting service provided by Professional Paint Perfection.

  • Revised content structure and navigation flow
  • Keyword planning and content writing for website
  • Highlighted experience, services and projects in the design
  • White space was used for a bright, clean look and feel
  • Balanced clean design with golden block elements and brand colours
  • Inclusion of neat, minimal design elements
  • Balanced design with before and after images provided by the client
  • We used a combination of crisp shapes with paint strokes that convey a professional but creative tone

UX Design

Once we had the content and UI design approved, we built the website as an HTML mock up version for Professional Paint Perfection to experience in different browsers. We brought the design to life with intuitive user experience features that were used to engage site visitors with the content and services featured on the website.

  • Scrolling gallery used in the services page to showcase Professional Paint Perfection’s work
  • More information appears over images upon mouseover, in the ‘Services’ section
  • Various sections featured on the homepage can be highlighted with mouseover interaction, causing expanded content to appear
  • Parallax feature integrated with images
  • Subtle animations on buttons and calls to action
  • Engaging design with a professional feel

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

During the support period, we provided ongoing monitoring, maintenance and bug fixing. We implemented basic SEO and redirected URLs from the previous site to their new one before continuing full digital marketing and social media services.

  • Submitting the website to all search engine webmasters
  • On-page and off-page optimisation
  • Redirecting URLs from the old websites to the new website
  • Domain management
  • 24/7 website monitoring
  • Google Cloud hosting
  • SSL certificate installation

Digital Marketing

Once the website went live, we continued to work with Professional Paint Perfection to grow their business with digital marketing services.

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Search marketing
  • Paid campaign management
  • Ongoing monthly reporting

Social Media Management

As a part of our digital marketing services, our social media team took over all facets of social media for Professional Paint Perfection. This included handover of Facebook for management, and the creation and implementation of Instagram and LinkedIn pages for the business.

  • Social media page set up
  • Social media channel management
  • Social media content production
  • Content and copywriting
  • Regular organic posts and promotions
  • Social media reporting

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