Daana’s Pantry

Canberra’s Local Meal Kits & Ready Meals - Let’s Cook Together!

Our Client

Daana Pantry was the brainchild of Sunita and Sunjay, chefs and business owners of the growing Daana restaurant and catering franchise in Canberra. All of Daana Pantry’s meal kits include pre-prepped food and proportioned condiments and seasonings. The aim was to focus on Quick and Easy or Slow and Easy Recipes, as well as reducing food waste. Customers would have the ability to choose from both, depending on what suits their lifestyle with a rotating menu changing every week.


Their Challenge

Aiming to grow their offerings beyond their restaurant, catering, and cafe options, the Daana team wanted a solution that reached into the homes of their loyal customer base. What better way to do that than joining the meal kit and ready meals revolution and having their delicious menus delivered directly to local homes for fans to cook up themselves?

Our Action

We worked closely with the client and stakeholders during regular project management updates to ensure that we understood their:

  • Vision and requirements for the new website.
  • Business goals and target audience
  • Requests to alter the design multiple times until complete satisfaction.

Throughout the project, we worked on multiple facets of the business including:

Website UI/UX

We worked carefully with the team at Danna to design a simple and competitive website front-end that encourages signups and showcases delicious meals in a simple, time-saving format. We used bright colours along with the Daana branding to entice customers, incorporating appropriate calls to actions and mouthwatering food imagery.

eCommerce (Shopify)

We created a Shopify solution for the Daana team to easily manage orders, subscriptions, label printing, and workflows in house on a week to week basis. Our development team implemented the right solutions including the ability for Daana’s customers to easily change meals or make amendments, and for Daana’s team to seamlessly manage the backend.

Marketing Automation

We also integrated marketing automation solutions so that we could easily keep Daana’s clients in the loop with reminders, periodic discounts and new offerings. Overall, using a combination of strategic design and ongoing marketing solutions, Daana’s pantry has hit the ground running as another arm of the many food related offerings that Daana offers across Canberra.

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