Synergetic Services Australia – Development

Done Once, Done Right - Reliable Stump Removal & Construction Services in Canberra

As a brand-new startup with more than 10 years of experience in the local Canberra construction industry, Synergetic Services Australia needed everything online to kick off their business from the ground up. This local company offers a range of construction services, including stump grinding, excavation, earthmoving, trenching and more. They needed branding and an online presence to get started as their own company in Canberra’s market.

The company needed a logo to represent their business and a company identity to go along with it. We carefully worked with Synergetic Services to understand the specific trades and construction work that they specialise in, as well as their experience and expertise. We designed a unique logo that has an icon relating to the three services they do as well as professional and bold looking text.

With new branding approved we created a unique website design using earthy colours and a professional look. With a well-structured used experience, we easily showcased the work that they do with the primary focus on stump grinding and tree removal services. It needed to look simple and professional with simple opportunities for potential clients to reach out to synergetic, so Inc clear call to action and bold imagery.

We carefully looked into the best keywords and search terms and incorporated this into the website content. We helped the synergetic team with content writing support and used a simple yet concrete navigation structure with landing pages that easily highlight their services in the construction industry.

We developed the user experience and the backend of the website for the client to easily manage themselves. This included integration and training of a holistic booking solution into the website that easily manages to book time slots in different jobs to reduce the workload of the client. We also created a prominent careers form for future employees to reach out to synergetic easily along with a simple contact form.

Overall, we created a professional and audience-appropriate design for the new synergetic services website. This meant that the client could come to market competitively while also showcasing their expertise. We further supported this client with ongoing paid digital marketing campaigns in Google search as a short-term lead generation solution while we improve the ongoing SEO and keywords.

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