Opal Alterations
Case Study

Mobile Alterations & Dry Cleaning


Our Client
Opal Alterations is a local tailoring studio in Canberra that also offers a unique mobile service for dry cleaning and alterations. Customers can enjoy the benefits of dry cleaning services and clothes tailoring either at home or in their Belconnen store. The team at Opal Alterations assures a quality experience for all of their home-visit and in-store services.

Their Challenge
Despite having a strong hold on the Canberra market, Opal Alterations weren’t getting enough attention to their mobile services through their original website. Opal lacked in customers finding their dry cleaning and alteration services through mobile devices, and online bookings were low for mobile dry cleaning. What they needed was a more professional looking website that would also highlight their mobile services as a key part of their business.

Our Solution
There were limitations to the user interface of their original template website, which interfered with the overall user experience and interface design. Our solution was to build a custom website, providing an overall better UX plus improved loading speeds. We integrated WordPress on the backend with a custom theme development.

Improved User Experience
This included the addition of 3 user-friendly tabs on the main landing page, which immediately introduces the booking process of Opal’s mobile services. This process is now seamlessly accessible, all on one screen with limited clicks. We also integrated a responsive booking service to capitalise on their online bookings for mobile services.

Brand Identity
We balanced the website design with Opal’s branding. Their new navigation structure, now cleaner and easier to follow, was matched with their brand colours to give their website a professional look and feel. Their website now reflects the high-quality tailoring and dry cleaning services offered at Opal Alterations.

Digital Marketing
We also worked to optimise all the meta details of the website for better SEO. On top of that, we fixed all of the major SEO issues that prevented proper indexing of the website pages. With on-page SEO errors and site structure errors taken care of, we have enjoyed watching Opal Alterations thrive.

Market Leading

Website Design

  • Form Factor
    Responsive Interface
  • Technology
    Wordpress Platform
  • Industry
    Tailor & Dry Cleaning