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Healthy Meals Delivered To Your Doorstep

Our Client

Flyingfit Food offers nutrition-focused meal options that are freshly delivered to customers’ homes each week in Melbourne. Chef-made locally and portion-controlled, their meals have full nutritional information available to help customers reach their fitness goals. All Flyingfit Food meals are made to order with local and seasonal ingredients with a rotating menu.


Their Challenge

Flyingfit was previously getting limited engagement and leads from their audience through social media. Their challenge was to increase brand awareness, audience engagement and website traffic through social media for their new website.


Our Strategy

Flyingfit’s previous social media content was generic and unengaging for the target audience, so we needed a fresh approach. We improved the content strategy with more visually engaging content that generated higher engagement while promoting lifestyle and the menu on offer. We used a combination of paid and organic content to generate more leads for the website using on-brand content tailored to the target audience according to our research.


The Results


  • Within the first two months, we achieved 8.8K page impressions on Facebook
  • We received 6.1K overall post reach during these two months and 3K organic post reach
  • The home page received 247 new views
  • Our Facebook page had an engagement rate of 5.53%


  • Just within the first two months we made 6.8K impressions and reached 6.4K users through our Instagram posts!
  • We achieved 12K profile impressions and 1.1K profile views
  • Our posts had an 8.54% engagement rate
  • 301 users clicked on the Flyingfit Food website link


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