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Quality Furniture & Bedding at Clearance Prices

Our Client

One of Canberra’s leading retailers for discounted premium furniture, The Clearance House stocks a huge number of clearance furniture at unbeatable prices. They offer immediate delivery and product satisfaction guarantee and consider price offers on all products. Their premium furniture stock is amazing quality with prices like 50% off RRP that are hard to beat!

Opportunities for Growth

The Clearance House wanted to increase their sales and needed marketing support to make that happen. They realised that there was a potential to bring a higher amount of foot traffic to their store and to attend their furniture auctions. Using regular advertising campaigns on social media and through search marketing, The Clearance House has continually seen the increase in their sales.

Our Solutions

Website Development

As a clearance furniture store, The Clearance House constantly strives to give the best prices to quality furniture. To highlight the focus of being a clearance furniture store, we created a simple website landing page for The Clearance House. This was designed to provide consumers with some key information they would need to visit stores, such as the opening time and location maps.

  • Focused landing page for the Clearance House
  • Clearance style branding and brand colours were incorporated
  • Custom landing pages were created for various paid campaigns
  • A domain from Auction Canberra was used to hold the furniture auctions

Search Marketing

With a website ready to go, we helped The Clearance House by optimising the website for SEO. With meta titles and meta descriptions taken care of, we carried out a variety of aggressive search marketing campaigns.

  • Our expert SEO strategy increased search visibility and organic traffic
  • Link authority was also improved using optimised SEO
  • Comprehensive search market campaigns were used to generate brand awareness and website traffic

Paid Advertisements

We used paid advertising to complement the SEO work for The Clearance House. We increased brand engagement through regular pay-per-click ad campaigns. Our retargeting strategy ensured a high conversion rate, and some specific campaigns were used to generate traffic for auctions.

  • Insensive pay-per-click advertising campaigns
  • Regular ongoing retargeting strategy
  • Specific auction campaigns throughout the year
  • Detailed paid advertising reports

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertisements were used to reach a targeted variety of audience segments in the Canberra region for various campaigns. This was the main area for growth for TCH, gaining social visibility. We created graphic designs that engaged the audience on different social media platforms and ensured the right split of budget between channel distribution. Campaign optimisation techniques maximised the results achieved with our social media campaigns. Our experienced copywriters created original ad copy designed to engage the audience and generate clicks. We also made use of video advertisements on YouTube to generate a high engagement rate and further increase audience interest and action from campaigns. We worked with our creative team to create videos for the paid campaigns for Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

  • Social media paid campaign strategy development
  • Social media ad campaign management
  • Facebook & Instagram advertising
  • Regular targeted ads and retargeting
  • Content production and graphic design
  • Ad copywriting and optimisation
  • Budget management and optimisation
  • Campaign evaluation and monitoring
  • YouTube ad coordination and creation
  • Ongoing client liaison and communication

Display Ads and Programmatic Advertisements

We used programmatic and display advertisements as well to generate a high amount of relevant website traffic. Our expert budget management ensured that we maximised the budget to optimise the results achieved with the allocated resources

  • Programmatic advertising campaign management
  • Budget management and optimisation on behalf of the client
  • A high amount of foot traffic was generated during the stock clearance campaigns
  • Ads were successful in increasing brand awareness and audience engagement

Our Results

  • 193K clicks with 14.5M impressions for search campaigns
  • 1.76K clicks with 2.24M impressions for display campaigns
  • 90.6K views with a view rate of 29% for video campaigns
  • The promotions hosted on Auction Canberra were very successful due to the campaigns that we utilised
  • Foot traffic also had a great increase after the campaigns were released
  • June Long Weekend Campaign 209,059 Impressions
  • Increased Unique Users from 2.55K in December 2019 to 10.3K in May 2020
  • Bounce rate in December 2019 reduced to 48.3% in May 2020


Search Ads

  • Increased ad clicks up to 207% within the first 12 days of the campaign

Video Campaign

  • View rate of 22.10%, 7.1% above the industry average
  • Decreased campaign cost by 37% and increased reach to new users by 7% within 17 days

Display Ads

  • 1,694,434 impressions within the first week

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