We Got Bars – Development

Your 24/7 Gym

Our Client

We Got Bars is a 24-hour modern gym in Canberra that offers state-of-the-art Panatta gym equipment. This unique gym features a hip hop style and has music playing from curated hip hop playlists. They provide various types of weight training machines with specialist equipment and anytime access for their members. Their music keeps members pumped while using high-quality Panatta machines, allowing them to work out hard and leave satisfied.

Their Challenge

We Got Bars was looking for a custom website that represented their strong and unique branding, as the name references both concepts of bars in hip hop music as well as lifting weights. Inspired by hip hop culture, they wanted the website to reflect their brand personality and the atmosphere of their gyms in an exceptional way. They also required their Panatta workout machines to be presented to the audience through the website. They needed engaging content like videos and imagery to entice new customers to join their unique gym experience on offer.

Our Solution

Design and Branding

We worked cooperatively with the client to design a website that reflects hip hop culture and the underground, alternate atmosphere of the gym. We implemented a version of their company mascot that was more suitable for use on the website, the ‘Bars Bumble Bee’. Images of graffiti on the website were used to further strengthen the branding of We Got Bars. We worked closely with our client to include content that matched their branding look and feel and balanced the best of all our ideas.

  • Yellow bars brand colours used throughout the site
  • Balancing of graffiti-style elements with a sleek design
  • References to Canberra according to our clients’ preferences
  • Unique hip hop feel in visuals and content

User Interface Design (UI)

We balanced the branding of We Got Bars across different pages of the website UI design. Featuring black and yellow as the branding colours, we needed to make the site visually immersive. We did this by incorporating areas for videos and a gallery of the machines available at the gym.

The animation of the spinning bee mascot that appears when users go to the website sets a first impression of the brand, conveying their culture and hardcore approach to training. The gallery includes images of the range of Panatta machines available at We Got Bars, hovering over which causes an overlay of the bee mascot brand element and name of the machine to appear.

  • Branding colours and bee element implemented across different pages
  • The featured equipment page highlights some of the noteworthy equipment available
  • Featured equipment video feature to pop up, demonstrating the use of the equipment
  • Simple members’ enquiry page and contact forms

User Experience Design (UX)

To create an engaging user experience, we implemented interactive features for different aspects of the We Got Bars website. We integrated a music playlist into the website to show the audience a sample of the style of music that is played at We Got Bars. Scrolling images on the homepages shows the audience the type of equipment they will have access to at We Got Bars gyms.

Additionally, videos of how to use different machines and a gallery featuring all the machines was integrated into the site to maximise engagement. The parallax feature used on grayscale images on the website adds visual complexity to the design, increasing audience engagement. A video on the home page was used to further increase audience engagement, and increase initial interest in the brand. We also added different functionalities to make the website engaging.

  • Engaging parallax feature for images
  • Mouseover effects for the call to action buttons
  • Spotify playlist integration
  • Social media integration
  • Video and machine image gallery integration
  • Simple membership enquiry form

Project Handover

Like our other clients, we provided two months of website support after launching We Got Bars. This included 24/7 monitoring of the website and basic SEO. We provided the client with training for website management to help them easily manage and add new content to the website.

  • Two months of support
  • Ongoing communication
  • Training and backend documentation

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

Once we went live, we provided ongoing monitoring, maintenance and bug fixing during the support period. We make sure that all of our websites are working properly with thorough testing and support.

  • Basic SEO
  • Search engine webmaster submission
  • On-page and off-page optimisation
  • Domain management
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Google Cloud hosting