Spec Services – Web Development

On Time, On Budget, On Spec

Our Client

Spec Services is a professional cleaning service company that specialises in commercial and industrial cleaning. Their team proudly services different industries, providing efficient and high-quality services ranging from regular facilities cleaning to specialist forensic cleaning. They accommodate clients at leading commercial, industrial and construction sites. Their services also include quality project management and labour-hire. Spec Services are highly capable of delivering solutions suited to their clients’ needs and have earned high client satisfaction rates.

Their Challenge 

Spec Services started by providing residential cleaning solutions, but have since expanded their business to serve corporate and commercial clients. As their business has grown, their website has not been updated to keep up with the new, broader scope of the company. The website no longer aligned with their brand’s positioning. Spec Services’ previous website was based on a generic template and used simple cartoon images as part of their design. They needed to improve their website by changing to a more professional design that appealed to their new clientele. Spec Services wanted their overall look to be more professional. They required branding that portrayed the high-quality standard of their work, as well as standing up against their competitors.

Our Approach

Client Relations

  • We worked closely with our clients from Spec Services, progressively making alterations to the design until they were 100% happy with the result 
  • We used a requirement gathering document to capture their needs for their new website fully
  • We took time to carefully understand their audience and brand repositioning, and related style preferences for a more professional look
  • We openly communicated with various stakeholders throughout the project, including regular project management updates through phone and email

Website Features


  • We updated their brand colours so that the new featured colours created a more corporate look that had an inclusive feel 
  • We redesigned their branding, changing their logo from a washed-out green to a more stark and professional blue, which was aimed at better appealing to a wider variety of clients from different industries
  • We created a full brand language guide book to enable the client to retain a consistent brand image throughout all future communications
  • The brand language guideline provided direction regarding things like brand colours, fonts, and correct use of the logo to best represent their new brand personality 
  • Their stationery was redesigned to follow this branding strategy

User Interface Design (UI)

  • We created a new UI design for the client that conveyed a professional message to their new target audience
  • The new branding was integrated into the website to represent the re-designed brand appropriately
  • We created a UI design with a more polished and spacious look following the new branding and with an improved information structure
  • We balanced the website’s visual appearance by arranging the layout of the text content structure with the images to create the ideal composition
  • We worked with the client to balance the photos from their on-site photo shoot with icons and other supplied images
  • The clean and crisp design feels more spacious and modern and is now easier for potential clients to navigate through the website, unchallenged
  • To improve audience engagement, in the ‘Services’ section we applied a design feature that causes each of the page headings to be highlighted by an image appearing in the background

Website Development (UX)

  • Once a design was agreed on, we developed a full browser experience of the new website in HTML for the client to trial
  • We integrated a member login portal for Spec Services’ employees, so they can log into their account to quickly access specific employee information in the future
  • We created a custom option for the Spec Services administration staff to be able to allocate different tasks to other staff members once logged into the staff portal
  • We developed the list of Spec Services’ clients on the website to be separated by industry type using individual category tabs (corporate, commercial and other), to decrease the previously cluttered look and make the content easier to consume 
  • We integrated a job opportunity listing page that the client can update when required, which was not available on their website previously
  • Always flexible and reactive, we were able to add in a new information page regarding COVID-19 related services within short notice just before going live
  • In the UX development phase, we also added a parallax feature to some scrolling images and the ability to scroll through galleries of inner pages for a professional but engaging user experience
  • Spec Services’ new website is optimised to display effectively across various mobile, tablet, and PC devices

Our Solution

The Results 

  • The end result is a new website that has a consistent style seen in every element and page, according to the updated Spec Services branding
  • Spec Services’ new website conveys a more professional look, which better aligns with the company’s growth

Project Handover

  • As we do for all of our projects, we gave Spec Services 2 months of support 
  • We provided a training document for how to update and manage the backend of their new website
  • Final test report available for the client

Ongoing Maintenance and Support

We provided ongoing monitoring, maintenance and bug fixing during the support period:

  • Basic SEO
  • Submitting the website to all search engine webmasters
  • On-page and off-page optimisation
  • Redirecting URLs from the old websites to the new website
  • Domain management
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Google Cloud hosting