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Our Client:

Australian Choice is a premium souvenir and gift retailer operating across Australia. Unlike other retailers, Australian Choice only supplies high-quality Australian-made products. Their product lines were strong, their in-store experience first-class … but their existing e-commerce website wasn’t offering clients the same quality of experience. With a wide array of products on offer, it was easy for customers to become overwhelmed by the confusing landing page and site structure. Key inventory management tools were also missing from the backend of the site. It was time for a fresh approach. We worked closely with Australian Choice to create a complete e-commerce solution.


Australian Choice’s previous website service provider locked them into one retail management software. When they wanted to move to another platform, they were forced to create a whole new website and came to consult us to see what we’d recommend. We proposed developing an independent website able to be integrated with whatever retail management software that suited their needs. We then designed and developed a brand new website on the Shopify platform to support their high inventory volume.

System Migration

When Australian Choice’s previous supplier proved unwilling to release their data, our team stepped in to help. We wrote a script to copy all existing data from the old site (including images and product variants), then made sure this data was fully integrated to their new inventory management system of choice & new website.

Store Integration

We worked closely with Australian Choice to make their sales process as easy as possible, automating shipping, packing and tracking processes as well as adding the ability for clients to pick up online orders in store. We achieved this through integrating Retail Express into the site, as well as a few extra functions in the backend. We also integrated 3rd party payment gateway options to offer customers maximum choice and convenience. Staff can manage all suppliers & inventory through the system, with the website also checking stock levels and notifying customers if a product is out of stock.

Design & User Experience

Australian Choice’s previous website provider gave them extreme limitations around user experience, only offering a limited selection of premade themes without the option to make changes. With so many online retail options facing consumers, providing a convenient, well-designed experience is vital to drive conversions in the competitive Australian e-commerce market. We designed and developed a bespoke website for Australian Choice from scratch, optimising the design down to the last pixel.

Whereas the previous site presented a confusing array of products competing for attention, their new site has a fresh, minimal feel with a range of sophisticated mouse-over effects to drive engagement. Calm, controlled visuals throughout the site further create a sense of quality, with graphics combining subtle hues and minimal layouts to foreground the products.


We also streamlined the navigation process, simplifying site menus and adding the ability to click on the category label of an item on the first page to let visitors immediately explore the products relevant to them. Multi-variant products are now integrated properly, allowing customers to explore different sizes and options with ease.

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