What Will Voice Search Do To The Landscape of Digital Marketing?

The internet has a prevalent role in tailoring the way people search for data and spend their everyday life. When it gets to the power of the internet, it is unimaginable to overlook Google and its emerging system of serving the users.

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Voice Search Optimisation remains a very indispensable part of digital marketing strategies in the present digitally-driven market. The growing recognition of AI, IoT, and related progressive technologies have totally revamped the process in which users connect with their gadgets. Using voice queries to explore or look for any distinct data has become simple and more superior for the current generation of internet users.

Initial Stages of Voice Search

The first voice recognition software called Audrey launched in 1952 and was used to recognise numbers. There have been different applications and needs for it since then, and recently one of the most familiar is the voice receptionist function that many large scale firms practice to assist with client service routing.

The area of voice typing is the one that we quit on the way to where we are here now. It wouldn’t be too rude to say that the voice search software in the 1990s-2000s wasn’t anything extraordinary. Often, more time was spent repeating yourself than the time it would have taken to type out a text query.

Current Trends

Now with the launch of Siri, Google Home and Alexa, businesses have to rethink their SEO strategies to adjust to voice search optimisation demands. If you need to compete and mark a reputable position in the modern market, you have to prioritise voice search optimisation in your digital marketing campaign. Voice search optimisation will only strengthen and develop the online presence of your business and support you in accomplishing new goals. Research done by review42 reveals that 50% of internet users prefer to search for certain information via voice search options.

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Voice Search is on the Rise

Google and other search engines are giving great significance to voice search optimisation as the number of online voice searches is swiftly growing. As a business, your aim should be to utilise SEO to get your website ranking higher in SERPs so your audience can notice you. If your site isn’t optimised for voice search, you may lose clients who are using voice search to shop for products and services. People speak differently to how they type so your content should consider this, as algorithms become more intelligent, too.

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There is a major contrast between traditional SEO methods and voice search SEO. You should have a balanced SEO strategy that can benefit you to rank well in both voice search and traditional text search listings.

Voice search Stats

Voice search will remain prevalent in the digital marketing industry for a long time to come. We are here providing some of the statistics belonging to the growth of digital assistants found on voice search (Source: review42).

  • 50% of searches will be voice-activated in 2020
  • 20% of mobile phone users are utilising voice search
  • About 40 million Americans own a smart speaker in 2020
  • 58% of people utilise the voice search feature to get details about a local business
  • 72% of people who adopt voice search devices say that voice search has become part of their lifestyle
  • 43% of people having smart speakers shop online using this technology
  • 55% of teenagers are utilising the voice search feature every day

Voice Search and Digital Marketing

The options for voice search on pre-eminent search engines improve the user experience because it is a smooth and quick way to ask queries and get solutions ASAP. So, when you revise your website content for voice search optimisation (especially for mobile devices) your business has a great chance of occurring on the first ranking in the list of suggestions prepared by the voice assistant.

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If your site content has the related keywords and is strategically optimised for voice searches, your site is expected to be the first to pop up among the search results that your assistant hands over.

Since voice search questions primarily consist of users voicing casual queries, you have to adopt similar casual text content on your site to move higher in the rankings. Along with incorporating such queries in your site content, you will also have to respond to those questions well satisfactorily for Google to note your website as a convincing and informative source. If you can create your space in the featured snippet, you can rest guaranteed that you will establish better visibility for your website.

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