Web Designing Updates to Help You Get Ahead for 2020

Thanks to constant developments in digitisation, digital marketers need to stay alert and up-to-date when it comes to the latest in web designing. Be conscious of the market so you can advertise and brand the right way by understanding new trends. Of course, these trends keep changing from year to year. As web design has a deep impact on brand image among your audience, here are Planet Media’s suggestions for taking care of your web design in the lead up to 2020.


Last year, it was all about videos. However, as consumers become increasingly impatient with shorter attention spans, the use of animations and gifs will be the answer to this problem. Internet culture is all about instant gratification, and gifs certainly cater to that (particularly those which are compatible for mobile devices). They provide better personal experiences, honing in on potent feelings and serving as an extra click to share thoughts.
Are you a fan of that game on Google where you run endlessly run to survive as a T-rex jumping over a cactus when the internet is down? Similarly, when the internet is slow, animations can keep the reader’s attention while the page loads. You can tell your story in a cool and confident manner through animation’s data visualisation, and can take care of the technicalities by giving subtle fade ins and movements. You should make transitions in natural eye motion, which is from left to right and directed towards the action.

Mobile Optimisation

The survey done by Statista in 2018 proved that 52.2% of visitors in websites are mobile users. Just notice your hand movement while using your phone: it’s your thumb that does all the texting and scrolling, right? So, make sure that your web design is thumb friendly. Design the navigation bar menu and contact buttons to be in places on the screen that are accessible by thumb.
Ensure clarity to the website by providing ample white spaces, and make the sentences easily legible without the need to zoom in. An ideal text size will be around 16 pixels. Moreover, conversion happens when the website is not confusing or difficult to navigate. Your web design should provide comfort and ease of use to its visitors through thoughtful design and text.
In addition to this, recent studies emphasise that the need for voice search optimisation is on the rise. Users are becoming increasingly reliant on AI-powered virtual assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant, with the power of getting information hands-free and on-the-go rapidly gaining popularity. In 2020, it is estimated that 50% of internet queries will be through voice search.


  • Minimalism

Brevity is what reigns the network space, and so organising your web design to be easy on the eyes never goes wrong. Keep your design minimal. A flat design with clean text written on a bold background along with white spaces can easily grab your visitors’ attention. Focus on just a few fonts, as one or two typography styles make content easily digestible.

  • Illustration

As artists are venturing into the digital space, more and more novel illustrations keep coming up. Ensure that the illustrations in your website remain updated and on par in the visual race. Minimise the text to make it more appealing. Illustrations can be used to demonstrate how to use certain products or serve as a preview of the site’s pages. You can easily guide the visitor over to the shopping cart or check out page through compelling illustrations.

  • Typography

Web setting comes second to web colour matching and quality images. Let’s analyse the big players: Apple, Microsoft, Google, Netflix, Facebook, and Amazon. Brand building comes with the brand’s typography. Adventurous and bold typography never goes out of trend, but you should choose carefully to illustrate what your brand is all about. Include multiple sizes of typography and make it easily compatible, readable and useable.
Take due care in case of fonts with distinguishable letters like ‘i’, ‘l’, ‘m’, and ‘n’. A tip is to avoid all caps as it slows down scanning and readability. Use interactive, impressive typography and gain momentum with the power of SEO through targeted keywords in well-designed, bold custom fonts.

Are you prepared for 2020? Take some time to think about your web design that can demonstrate the best of upcoming trends.

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