Top Web Design Trends for 2022

Web design trends are constantly evolving. Controlled by creativity and technology – it is no surprise that web design trends, tools and techniques, continue to develop and expand.

Trendy designs and contemporary UX and UI ideas can immediately become exhausted and overdone, so understanding the latest web design trends is the bottom line for staying ahead of the curve. From Behavioural Design to Voice Activation, we will see the rise of new web design trends in the coming year and the return of tried and tested design aspects of the past with the technology of the future, creating some truly appealing new developments.

Overlapping Design Elements

Every web design feature does not have to have its own capsule. Overlapping design features are more effective as they establish depth and dimension, and are visually appealing to the viewer as they relate and compare one component to the next.

For instance, designing and layering elements in such a way that everything remains lucid and “collapses” in a manner that maintains its readability on mobile gadgets. Although, this trend may fall flat quickly.

Behavioural Design

Behavioural design is all about adopting visual aspects to develop user behaviour. Incorporating creative design with objective data facilitates designers to better find out how users feel to more productively influence how they behave.

This approach is mostly used to design products and apps that help users do things such as reach a fitness goal, improve a skill or maintain a daily routine. Behavioural design uses techniques such as ‘scarcity’. For example, when there’s “only 1 seat left” on a film ticket booking website, or for instance, the ‘CAR model’; an approach based on cue, action and reward.

While behavioural science can be a dynamic tool that constructs people’s decisions and behaviour, there are also some ethical considerations around the approach. Moving forward, there is hope that accepting behavioural design will progress, and that the approach will become a leading aspect within the design industry.


Businesses will experience severe challenges in 2022. Developing blockades to client engagement simply isn’t an appropriate strategy if your brand is looking to grow. How does that spell out in web design?

Abstract content, soothing colours, bright imagery, and precise calls to action are going to become crucial elements for web design in 2022. Page design will ease the user, allowing them to explore the website more intuitively, rather than presenting everything upfront on one page. They’ll be streamlined messaging that will urge the user to learn more on their own accord, rather than complicated conversations that leave users feeling information overload.

Trends towards elements such as infographics – that were tightly designed, typography-driven, space concise – were on the rise. However, design in 2022 will consolidate more space and gentle motion. This still enables you to communicate; in a way that affirms and grows, rather than being condensed and overwhelming.

Customisation and Accessibility

When considering accommodation, accessibility is a crucial aspect of web design since our devices devise more accommodations for users with visual or auditory impairments. Web design over the years has included multiple “do this first” approaches – mobile-first, shift left on security – basically, accessibility should be consolidated in the design process from the beginning.

Web development is a comprehensive action where content and technical requirements meet, and accessibility is at an equal grade with security, design, and content strategy for communicating your message to everyone.

More sites are accommodating theme and font customisations for different reasons, and accessibility is at the top of that list. Features of supporting operating systems such as dark mode (so your site doesn’t upset your eyes when you are using the device at night), and accessibility features like contrast adjustment and font scaling are becoming broadly implemented.

These features tell your clients that you are considering their demands and desires, and that being inclusive is an important factor in the design of your website.

Voice-Activation for Contactless Interaction

Voice-activation is aimed at active users of smartphones and tablets. This is due to the factor that these gadgets are more focused on voice communication with the help of a built-in microphone.

The advancement of this resource has already gone into effect. This technology is already utilised well by Google, Apple, Amazon and Microsoft.

It is expected that 2022 will be recognised as the introduction of voice activation in many web resources, providing some positive developments:

  • benefits quick search;
  • contactless page navigation;
  • free handling of different options.

As a feature, it will become a crucial impetus for improved user experience and efficient project implementation.

How often are you carrying out small modifications to your website design to maintain relevance? While it can be a terrifying idea, making small adjustments all the time can integrate into an ordinary part of your routine, helping to keep your web design feeling new. Try implementing these latest web design trends to keep your site ahead of the competition.

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