Trendy WordPress Plugins for 2022

WordPress launched as an Open-Source Content Management System (CMS), written in PHP, backed with a MariaDB or MySQL database. It was used as a blog-publishing platform but evolved to support other sorts of web content like forums, email lists and eCommerce, just to name a few.

Building the world’s most prominent website platform, WordPress manages more than 42% of the web. As a platform, WordPress has the tools required to create any kind of website. They consist of themes that help to make building superior websites effortlessly, in addition with cool plugins that include special features and functionalities that themes usually lack.

A suitable plugin can do wonders for a site’s design and functionality. But WordPress consists of more than 42,000 important plugins to pick from. However, finding the “best” plugin to comply with a particular requirement can be a time-consuming task and has no assurance of being successful.

Choosing the right plugin is best left up to the professionals; those in the back end trained to compare the pros and cons. So, let’s go through the most trendy plugins you can leverage this year.


If you choose to market services or products on your site, you can leverage the eCommerce plugin provided by WordPress. WooCommerce is one of the most trendy WordPress Plugins for eCommerce. Equipped with this, you can certainly convert your WordPress blog into a totally operative store.

Owing to its virtually incomprehensible customisation, you can market everything from physical products to digital products, disclose ratings and reviews, fix currencies, set infinite images per product, include filtering or sorting functions, facilitate tiered pricing and subscriptions, and much more. You can access WooCommerce for free. Since WooCommerce has been developed by the same firm as the WordPress CMS (Automattic), it makes sure that your business is built on the back of a high-quality plugin.

WooCommerce is a universal choice for millions of WordPress sites running an online store because of its great customisation provisions that allow you to accustom the tool to your exact requirements.


When you are assigned with developing a responsive, interactive, and maintainable table, the task must be finished comparatively quickly, even if there are countless rows of data to process. When you begin to think seriously about searching for a new line of work, wpDataTables is a sheer workhorse when it comes to dealing with tables and charts from any large source of data instantly.

This dynamic WordPress plugin –

  • Can deal with data from different sources using different formats
  • Can point out key data and colour code crucial data in both tables and charts
  • Can help users create tables manually, from database or spreadsheet, or a real-time MySQL database
  • wpDataTables provides a considerable amount of data sorting and filtering options. It also extends ready access to Chart.js, HighCharts, and Google Charts libraries

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is one of the most popular WordPress Plugins that make it effortless to optimise your posts and pages to get a higher rank on search engines. Yoast SEO provides you with helpful templates for meta descriptions and titles, making sure that you understand how to craft data under the best SEO practices. With Yoast SEO, you can also evaluate your content for keywords and readability. This favours you to balance superior content with SEO. It is greatly recommended since it also extends tactical help to make your content shine in the SERPs apart from automatic SEO advancement.


Amelia is an automated booking system that can precisely handle an enormous number of appointment bookings for an extensive number of business clients. It can administer appointments for different locations and does so using a sole insightful dashboard from a single platform.

A WordPress site design that takes advantage of Amelia plugin’s features and functionalities can perfectly streamline a business’s booking process.

  • Clients can make or modify bookings online at any hour of the day
  • They can apply for appointments with specific employees.
  • They can get reminders and follow-ups and be informed of forthcoming special events or training sessions online.
  • They can also view any payments due online or pay deposits for appointments and events.
  • Businesses can organise training or informative sessions, or other events and sell packages of services online.
  • Booking forms can be personalised to fit a brand.

Amelia’s time saving and reasonable automated booking system is perfect for service-oriented businesses like beauty parlours, health clubs, fitness centres, and barbershops.


Ahrefs is one of the most acclaimed SEO tool sets available, and is available as a WordPress plugin. However, to take advantage of the full perks of Ahrefs requires a licence. Ahrefs profound databases will dig out data way beneath the surface.

The major advantages of Ahrefs are its broad backlink checking solution, bellowing you to delve deeper into the search traffic of your competitors, and recognition of which content brings about the most revenue.

The software hands over the most extensive and efficient backlink checking platform in the industry. With a single click, you can get a comprehensive profile of any site or URL.

Ahrefs disclose everything you need to see, from anchors and links to the strength of backlinks. You can even track backlinks and follow their transformation over time, as well as deliver advanced reporting and active filter features to instantly find crucial information.

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