Tips for How to Plan a Festive Campaign on Social Media

The festive time with family gatherings, vacations, festivals, joy and of course, shopping, is wonderful (if a little stressful for some). It is a cause of thrill for people as well as businesses. For businesses, this is an occasion to jump on the holiday mood and emotionally connect with their clients. Though, this year the festivities will be unusual and restricted due to the prolonged influence of the global pandemic. Surely, the outlook of customers and their spending patterns have transformed in 2020. Businesses can take this time of the year as an opportunity to engage clients through a festive social media marketing campaign and get the most out of them by inspiring people to engage with your business.


The most important thing for marketers is to devise impressive social media marketing campaigns that connect with their potential customers. However, this year’s festive season will be completely different from the previous one, so marketers need to be mindful of the message they convey through their festive campaign. Tact is require, and when planning you should remember any current or situational challenges.

In the past, many social media campaigns have turned out with impressive results, and were successful in engaging clients with businesses. Businesses that have used social media campaigns were able to drastically increase their email leads, social media following, and website traffic within a short period.

There are some great perks that a business can utilise after the implementation of a social media campaign. It might be just the breakthrough to your business requirements in picking up new leads and building maximum exposure online. So, let’s check how to conduct an effective festive social media campaign.

Plan Your Campaign

Having a good plan is indispensable for any social media marketing campaign. The way businesses host social media campaigns varies according to the industry. Better planning can benefit you to determine with the type of contest that you should conduct.


Hot tip: You cannot resolve issues by altering the contest once it is underway. Having to continue a contest that is not going well can have a greatly adverse affect on your business. Therefore, thoroughly plan your social media contests to avert from or plan for as many issues as possible.

Utilising Social Media Platforms

Utilising the right social media platform is crucial for hosting an effective campaign. The right platform will depend on the type of business you are running and your target audience. Analyse which social media platforms encompass most of your potential customers. After gathering the stats, launch your campaign and disclose the contest. Timely campaign ideas that connect with current trends work the best. The more viral your campaign gets, the more leads you can receive. The marketing side of every prominent business concentrates on such campaigns.

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Here’s a few things to keep in mind: Be innovative and unique with your campaign idea. Focus on providing value to your audience. Highlight the key information and play up on trends. Make sure that your campaign aligns with the overall marketing strategy for your brand.

Promote the Campaign

After deciding the criteria for the campaign (is it a giveaway? Trying to utilise user generated content?) you will launch and showcase the benefits you will provide, and so you can now effectively promote your campaign. Initially, start by creating posts to promote the campaign on various social media accounts for maximum exposure. If your post gets enough likes, comments, and engagements on social media, the post will get onto the trending pages and gain the potential of virality.


Escalate the rankings and get your campaign noticed by the audience through maximising the potential for engagement. Encourage the audience to like, comment, and share your post. If anyone shares your post, your reach can extend to all their followers. This will directly increase the reach and publicity of your campaign.

Campaigns for a Cause

Campaigns that address a great cause of a targeted community rather than solely just celebrating festive cheer are often expected to form a stronger connection with the audience. It’s the season of giving, after all. With a shared commitment and importance of backing a worthy cause, purpose-driven marketing campaigns can help the business connect with its potential clients on a more personal level. Considering that everybody has been through unusual challenges this year, businesses across regions are making an effort and coming forward to exhibit their support through different campaigns to create a sense of belonging.

Host Campaigns That Can Emotionally Connect


Hosting a campaign that will connect your clients emotionally and bring back old festive childhood memories can not only set up better client connections but can also build up the authenticity of the business. You should incentivise your clients and customers to feel the impulse to share content which they perceive as relatable, and which ignites nostalgia. Sharing will help to increase the visibility of your business and benefit to develop a broader potential pool of clients.

Social media festive marketing campaigns are a fun and interactive way for your business to sprout its online existence. The perks from a single social media campaign are great, which is why creating one for your brand is absolutely worth it. The idea of a festive marketing campaign might seem uncomplicated, but you should still thoroughly plan it to pull off your campaign, if you wish to get the most out of it.

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